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I think they’re referring to sharp x68000/chronicles and how it’s kind of a remake of the first game. It is a radically different game at its core though. Same goes for 4 which is also like a remake.


Just played like 3 credits of haunted castle and yeah this obviously kind of sucks


Haunted Castle is a bad first stage where the damage is ramped way the fuck up, indulging in the worst of Konami arcade tendencies and the rest of the game being just Big Sprite Castlevania

It’s me, I like CV64 and Lament of Innocence (imagine my surprise upon discovering that Smash Ultimate has a remix of the title track from the latter)


Thanks for linking this. It’s been ages since I read it, but having replayed the NES trilogy fairly recently it really crystallizes a lot of the problems I have with CV3.

(I think he’s being a little hard on 3 here, though it really really got on my nerves last I played it. Really need to try the Famicom version someday)


OTOH, Castlevania: The Arcade is my favorite Wii game lol

Honestly, I do really like it tho


Hi I agree with Tulpa CV3 is too hard and literally punishing the player.


hello what are some good music player things on android? i have a new phone and would want something better than the standard google one.

just an app that’s simple and (if possible) ad-free


foobar2000! That’s what I use!


whoa i use that on my desktop, didn’t know there was a mobile version.



Help! I was Cursed by Dracula! Is Akumajo Densetsu worth playing or should I be content to listen to its spooky soundtrack?


It’s worth giving a shot. As others have mentioned it’s better than CV3 in terms of difficulty, mainly because damage is determined by enemy type (X critter always does Y damage) while CV3 they changed it to the CV1 formula of everything doing the same damage that increases based on how far you are in the game but it wasn’t built around it like CV1 was.


What’s a good, cheap open world check-em-off I could get on Steam? I haven’t played one in a while and I’ve been meaning to play something mindless like that again. Tried Just Cause 3 and I’m not really feeling it; the environment is boring and I don’t feel like it’s an interesting enough playground for your wacky grappling hook thing.

Picked up Arkham Knight but I’m not sure how well that runs, even now days. Also thinking of trying LEGO DC Super-Villains. There are the old entries of the big AAA stuff like Assassin’s Creed and FarCry but I don’t know if they’ve really changed that much from years ago. Anything else I should try?


Spider-Man and Horizon are the only conservative open-world games like this I’d recommend from the past few years and they’re the wrong platform. Ubisoft games still feel like Ubisoft games despite trying desperately to ape Witcher 3. Final Fantasy XV is broken and stupid but there are grooves where it seems like a not-completely-terrible idea.


Mad Max.


Or hell Need for Speed.


Oh yeah Mad Max is pretty good. You know, for these.


Thirding Mad Max!

I actually started playing it again just because. And I 100%ed it the last time.


Felix answer: Just Cause 3.

That’s a good one too. I haven’t 100%ed it yet but I’m keeping it installed because I totally intend to at some point. I 100%ed Just Cause 2 (99.5%ed actually thanks to some glitch that prevents 100%).


imo Mad Max is strictly a worse version of JC3. MGSV is incredibly cheap and might scratch the same itch, and if you’ve already played BotW, that’s pretty much all of the non-PS4 open world games I could recommend on the strength of their mechanics. Yakuza 0, maybe?


final fantasy xv is broken and stupid and a completely chill way to spend some time

It remembers the value of empty space. It creates a fruitful void where other games are obsessed with a bethesdian hyper-compression of space and activity

I don’t even know how many levels of post-irony I’m on.