Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return

Has this board been christened with a QQ thread yet? Guess I’m starting one.

Anybody in the know for video capture hardware? Looking at an Elgato HD for the option to breakout some of my older consoles like PS2 and before so I can have some fun with those. Any other options and factors to be aware of so I can make the most informed decision?

I think this is sort of of a “everyone can only afford one” so they only know the one thing question.

So is Mad Max an entire game of the Buggy parts of HL2E2?

There’s Arkham-style combat too!

I had an Avermedia Live Portable HD and while functionally it’s great I’ve have 4 or 5 and they’ve all died on me very quickly. I’m not sure if they’re faulty or really susceptible to static electricity or what but it’s very unfortunate because the ability to record video with a PC is great. But a lot of people seem to use it so maybe my experience is just a bizarre outlier.

Please suggest sequels that are unlike their prequels. E.g. Zelda 2, Castlevania 2, Mario 64, etc. Bonus points if both games are good. Double bonus points if the second game could not have been made on the same platform as the original (e.g. M64).

Games that seemingly could maybe work but I’m not looking for: Zelda 64.

Games that seemingly don’t work but actually are kinda what I’m looking for: Mega Man X.


Guilty Gear 2? It’s not technically the second entry in the franchise though.

Duke Nukem 3D
Ghostbusters II (and i guess lots of other film tie-ins)

Re: video capture, I had a post on the old forum about this, but it depends on intent. If you’re looking to stream, sure, get an Elgato or similar – their software will make streaming very easy. Unfortunately, that ease comes at the expense of options for how the video is encoded, and you’ll find that your options are limited re: disabling post-processing, choosing archival-quality codecs & bit-rates, etc. If you’re looking for archiving longplays, check out some Blackmagic hardware.

I have this thing called the Wonderboy series you need to look into. The first game was a side scrolling platformer, the second was an action rpg. There were two different games listed as the third in the series, one was a forced scrolling run’n’gun/shoot 'em up hybrid, the other was a very early metrovania. Around this point it also half spun off into the Monster World series, which were more along the line of action/adventure games.


Has anyone here played FJORDS? I admit to being intrigued by the tiny bits I’ve seen of it and something about the glitchy aesthetic touches my fancy… but it also looks like it might have a hacking/code aspect to it. I really disliked Hack 'n Slash a good deal, particularly the last couple levels where the game assumed you knew how to code stuff already, so the potential inclusion of something similar makes me rather wary.

FJORDS is a cool time whether or not you finish it, i think

droqen wrote a good review of it but his old website (loseyourway) is down apparently

Didn’t the guy put out a fanzine that doubled as a guide to the game? I think he sells it on his blog. I played for about two hours and thought it was pretty neat but wore thin after a while.

why does every gog dos game come with hq filters on and aspect ratio turned off. disgusting


“It’s imporant to see the artwork as it was intended to be seen!”

both screenshots have blurry ass filter on it

what in the hell

Another quick question~

I apparently got about $4.50 in expiring amazon coins that can only be spent on apps for my kindle. Left to my own devices I’d just pick up a few picross packs, but if anyone wants to suggest some random things to pick up before January 1st that costs less than $4.50 there’s a good chance I’d listen.

Already got 80 Days and Monument Valley BTW.

I’m mostly looking for streaming and some basic form of archival functions for stuff like Smash or fightman matches. If I was going to do anything close to a long play I’d probably just go the cheap/lazy route and use the twitch to youtube feature. I like the idea of having more control in format settings and such but I’m not sure I’m ready to dive into all that. I was looking into the BlackMagic intensity but some reviews are talking about how it only works for a specific type of USB/Mobo chipset to run a certain driver. Guess I should also mention that I’m aiming for external capture devices that are easy to carry around and set up on my laptop.

If you’re on a newer Mac, the thunderbolt Black Magic Intensity Shuttle is very reliable and not-picky about chipset. I can’t speak to that sort of video work on Windows, unfortunately.

Mikey recommends:

Card Crawl
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