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I don’t know why I’ve waited until now to play Yakuza considering the unbridled love for the series around these parts, but I have certainly enjoyed the first two hours of the game so far.

I’ve been more or less button mashing my way through each fight; do I need to bother learning combos or is the combat unrefined to the point where I can keep button mashing my way through the story?


My experience with the fourth installment leads me to believe you can settle for getting slightly better at button mashing and do just fine.


Depends on which game you’re playing. Yakuza 1 was fairly simple; punches hurt people, weapons hurt them more. Later games are built more around building up and then burning through your spirit meter for finisher moves, mostly through dodges and counters.


If you’re planning on moving on to other games in the series I would do minimal side-content. A lot of it is recycled game to to game and only gets better as the series goes on.


Yakuza 1 had the nearly fatal flaw of unlocking the good or rather fun mechanics a fair bit late iirc.


Is this game out? It was what Kenji Eno was working on before he died, and was going to be completed post-humously via crowd funding


why won’t steam linux let me download the games i own so i can play them in wine? i don’t want two steam installations on here just because an interface option is disabled in one of them.

is there an easy workaround?


Two steam installations is what I use. Can’t be helped.


aw man


is sb irc still a thing/what server etc.?


We should make a select button slack channel.


There are definitely still folks in #selectbutton on irc.esper.net.


What are the games that take the most direct inspiration from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link?


off the top of my head:
elliot quest
you have to win the game

all in different ways, obviously. there are probably others i’m forgetting that are less on-the-nose about it.


dragon view

ax battler?
gargoyle’s quest (II --> no encounters)

bushi seiryuuden
adventure time: hey ice king? no

dragon view


According to this usgamer article, The Battle of Olympus.

There’s some spoilers for both games in there, tho’


Don’t forget Dragon View.


How to use spoiler tag here?


The word spoiler in square brackets. The quote system in place does make it difficult to poach other people’s posts for formatting clues though sometimes. Some None gets kept, all formatting is lost.

EDIT: Apparently replying to the full post and hitting the quote button will preserve it, but the highlight then quote does not.


Are all Sega Saturn controllers created equal?
Besides color is there anything to consider when buying Sega Saturn controllers?
I know a lot of people are big fans of these pads.
I just ordered a white one. Should it be fine, or is there a better version of it?