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How the hell did nobody recommend Bloodlines. Like Bloodlines is brutal as fuck (don’t feel bad about looking up some passwords if you run out of lives and continues) but is the best game in the series outside of Rondo.

Castlevania 3 is good, but I feel like 1 is a lot tighter and prefer it.

I think all the exploratory ones are pretty good, although I haven’t spent enough time with Circle of the Moon and Aria of Sorrow. I’m a freak who likes all of the DS ones more than Symphony of the Night.

But please pleas please play Bloodlines. It’s tough as nails but it’s such a unique and interesting game. Maybe not as your first 'Vania, but definitely once you’ve tried like, CV1 for a bit.


No one’s played Bloodlines because it was on the Genesis :woman_shrugging:

It’s good tho


Bloodlines is the correct answer imo


yeah bloodlines is also great
and hey all of us ageing british posters love the megadrive


So the consensus seems to be that any early 90s entry is a good point? I suppose I’ll go with ease of emulation first. Many thanks!


I feel like I’m being called out, having played Bloodlines when it was new


let us know how you get on


A single tear rolls down my cheek when I think of Castlevania 64


Basically, the pre-Symphony of the Night games are a different series, mechanically. Old Castlevania’s modern descendent is the Souls series. Another way to put this is: don’t run through. Plant your feet, evaluate that sine-wave enemy, and time your strike. The stiff movement, slow-to-start attack are purposefully designed to make you less reactive and more intentional.

That’s why I suggest Castlevania 1 to start: it has the clearest illustration of these ideals. The 16-bit games have a mild identity crisis as they aren’t sure how smooth to become while preserving the stiff design.


64 is underrated imo

it’s like a better vision of what 3D castlevania should be than any of igarashi’s attempts imo


Rondo is revered I think because it nails this balance perfectly.


But yes I’d second starting with the first game. Really, play them all after that point, in any order. They are all good in different ways.


How’s that one arcade castlevania. I think it’s called vampire killer? I recommend bloodlines / rondo of blood / castlevania chronicles for sure. Super castlevania iv is a beautiful bore. Order of ecclesia on the ds is neat.


Is Sprint Vector good on the PSVR? It’s $12 right now and I’m loading on up VR stuff during all the sales


So that’s a suggestion for the nes, not the sharp/psx remake?


Yes it’s good. Great even. I wish there were people playing online though. It’s also very good exercise


Oh it’s haunted castle is the name I’m thinking of.


64 is underrated but it’s always worth mentioning that 64 is included in legacy of darkness in case you didn’t know. They made it a bit more linear and straightforward, probably to save cartridge space, but it serves the game design well.

I’m glad there’s so much consensus here around 1, 3, rondo, and bloodlines being the best (I would put x68000 at a close 5th) and we’re not trying to say 4 is the best or whatever.


Someone else will have to chime in on the ports/remakes but there’s nothing in Castlevania 1 that needs fixing.

Here’s one of the better analyses of CV1’s level design (and not coincidentally it’s from a forum alum):


I think cv3 is egregious but agree with the other reccs