Romancing SaGa 2 / general kawazu worship thread

so a year ago we had the excellent ‘strangest/coolest rpg mechanics’ thread and i posted this:

apparently i totally neglected to mention that the emperor can also be forced to abdicate if you make Questionable Decisions

ever since that thread i’ve planned to make some kind of long-form post or let’s play series on this game here, i honestly feel like if it’d had a western snes release back in the day or a timely fan translation it’d be an sb sacred cow, or at least looked upon very fondly by the third of the forum that can still tolerate menu-based battle systems

and hey, i procrastinated long enough we’re a few days off a release on, uh, all of the platforms


almost can’t believe there’s a JRPG with a pedigree so relevant to my interests that had gone without being localized for so long that I’m pumped to spend part of the holidays with it in 2017

aesthetically it’s also nicer than any of the remakes I’ve seen out of there since the DS too


Why yes, I will probably buy this again since I can use an actual controller with it and not the shitty Square touch pad shit.

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yeah they treated this one with a surprising amount of care though the localisation in the mobile release is… bad, so i’m hoping that got some work

aw there’s already a kawazu worship thread

can’t have enough of them

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no shade, but i wanted to draw attention to my previous worship so we can fold in the full sb kawazu godhead lore


I was listening to the recent SaGa episode of Retronauts while I was running late for work this morning, and I decided I desperately need more Kawazu in my life. I picked up the DS port of SaGa 2 for like 400 yen at a Sofmap outlet last year, so maybe I should wipe that save and start over.

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I joked in Discord the other day that we should hold a Minstrel Song Game Club, but maybe that’s actually a really good idea.


Hey I did this in like 2009?

Someone find that thread.

did you know you can get minstrel song shipped via amazon prime in the year of our lord 2017, or at least, you could before I bought the last copy

Here it is:

Not sure what to think of the background tilesets, but I appreciate they at least left the character sprites with the pixel look, and I like the animations they added to enemy creatires.

I was going to buy the Android version of Romancing SaGa 2 for my GPD XD but some of the Google Play reviews said it requires an internet connection to play? Is that true? :confused:

presented for your perusement:

four main battle themes for SaGa Frontier II

I think it has some kind of bad anti piracy “protection” but I don’t remember if it’s the “only checks at start up” or “always on” variety.

One year later I remember RS2 very fondly. It was raw and addictive. I want to replay the game and maybe not doom Fake-Japan this time by leaving before the end of the scenario.

I suggest doing a no-reset LP and go through a ton of different emperors / empress.

I just got a new blood potion for this old post in « it’s the economy, stupid » :

« Romancing SaGa 2 is completely ridiculous

All shops around the world start with low to medium quality weapons and armors that cost normal RPG prices (like 1000-2000g)
The max money you can hold is 10000g

Monsters don’t drop any money.

BUT you are also an empire/empress and your people are paying taxes. Your treasury is amassing money. IIRC it gets a fixed amount of 5000g at the end of every regular battle at the beginning of the game, and even more as you conquer parts of the world (by finishing particular quests) Right now my treasury gets 25000g per fight.

Since you are the fucking ruler of the empire you can just go whenever you want to your treasury and there will be a guy asking:
"Do you want to fill your wallet with money from the treasury?
-> Yes
This is very important. The game could have just given you cash directly after every battle with no difference to gameplay. But it instead chooses to have both a wallet and a treasury for the sheer joy of going back to your castle to fill your wallet with taxpayer cash.
This does mean that any regular thing you can buy is dirt cheap. But it doesn’t - feel- dirt cheap. It just feels like you’re an obscenely rich person in a regular RPG instead.
The economy isn’t completely ruined as you’d expect, because you can invest in a lot of things in your castle that cost a lot of cash. For example I have the option to build an university in my castle for 2000000g.

Crucially the only way to get new powerful weapons/armor is to invest in R&D at your blacksmith. Your blacksmith needs loads of $$$, but once a piece of equipment is researched, shops around the world start to have it in their stocks and you can buy it for cheap. (Plus you get one for free)

Money in treasure chests scale up with all that so you also hilariously get hundreds of thousands of gold everytime you find a small treasure.«


I totally missed the news that RS3 is getting the same treatment

RS3 has more traditional, less interesting mechanics than RS2, but I love it because it’s like even more unfocused than Saga Frontier.

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the def values on armour are really deceptive, everything has a ton of hidden stats
i love it

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