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watching this video is mathematically superior to playing the witcher


Lego games.

I never had a term for it before, but “check-em-off” easily describes every single one of them.


MGS V is a mechanically very strong game, but is kind of a shitty openworld game if that makes any sense. The big map is good for the missions that spill out over a large section of it and putting the individual sections into a larger context (and for being able to approach them from different directions), but as a place to wander around it’s not… good. The areas that aren’t specific “here is where the gameplay is” ones are literally empty with enemies showing up so infrequently as to be largely ignorable.

That’s not to say it is a bad game, but playing it as an openworld game is probably a bad way to play it.


all gamedev effort currently spent on continually trashed environments and assets should be consolidated into an open but independent collective focused on a perpetually updated compulsively shared hyper accurate recreation of earth


what the hell

I already told you to buy Sunset Overdrive


Oh hell, I forgot Sunset Overdrive is on PC now. That game is great!

Otherwise I think everyone is onto something with Mad Max. I’m an Ubisoft open world apologist, but those games are either 1) still too expensive 2) too involved or 3) way too goddamn big.

I mean, Ghost Recon Wildlands is a brainless open world game (that, played solo, is sort of a sniper team management sim as much as it is a third person shooter), but I doubt it’d run well on a laptop and it is Way Too Big. It’s also kinda morally horrendous, too.

If Watch Dogs 2 is cheap, though, that’s a pretty good time!


Oh, I did, that night. I just returned it within an hour. For a game all about constant movement it feels so mushy and slow. It’s like JSRF stuck at base speed.


strongest part of the game and the world


FF15 let me live out my dreams of being in a scifi boyband, has an opening that is a silly mashup of FF music and Stand by Me sung by Florence+the Machine while your boys push a busted car down the street, and is just silly good times.

I am still waiting for them to completely finish whatever DLC is going to exist for it so I can play through it all again. I know they recently cancelled a bunch, but I think there is like 1 more DLC thing for it coming.


Speaking of FFXV,

I’d love to play the DLC on PS4 now that it’s mostly all done and I haven’t played the game since launch, but holy lord does PSN make it confusing on the best way to buy it all. There’s all kinds of different bundles and upgrades, or rebuying the base game with the Royal Edition/Car Edition whatever else. I have zero clue what the cheapest way to get all the episodes + the weird coop mode is. Has anyone else that got the game at launch and then wanted to dip back in later figured out the best buy to do so?


ffxv easily has the best writing in the entire series do not @ me


i’ve really enjoyed cackling at every bizarre labyrinthine update and expansion announced, i was very sad when they canceled a bunch of it


Royal Edition has everything.


i thought xv was tripe, surprised it was so well received


Everything involving the 4 main dudes camping or in the car is god-tier final fantasy.
Literally everything else and every other character and location and story beat is total garb!! They got the hard part down perfectly and totally fucked up the easy stuff! It’s such an infuriating game in that way!


I think you and I tend to align on which Bad Things we can’t make into Good Things for ourselves but I’m glad the forum is less homogeneous in that respect


Yeah, SB 2.0 exists in a better cultural moment than prior iterations of the forums where the last thing any of us feels is that games are under fire from culture at large, or that they need to prove themselves as art, etc, thus the stakes are incredibly low for Just Enjoying A Dang Game without worrying about cheapening the medium.


I like to be ambiguous about how much I mean something while making sure my words are valuable regardless of my intent.


@Felix did you play any of the deadfire DLCs? Deciding if I should just get the base game or the one with all the stuff


it’s long enough without imo

the content is good across the board but I didn’t feel like I needed more