Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


It’s incredibly unlikely that I’ll finish it anyway so that’s just what I needed to hear :+1:


You can probably wait? It suffers a bit from the Human Revolution problem where the systems designers crafted this elaborate web of relationships and influence with dependencies and consequences, and then the main plot comes stomping through and throws a bullshit boss at you that’s so over-the-top it ruins things a little bit. The game doesn’t really do subtlety or nuance, even though it’s clearly aspiring to be something with a veneer of sophistication, so your ability to shrug off stuff like the godawful opening is an important indicator of how well you’ll stomach the game as a whole. I liked what I played of it, but I’m right at the end and I don’t feel a burning need to pick it back up until I finish with some newer games.


also ty for buying deadfire, sprint vector, and horizon 4 after I was so excited about each of them, now all you need is planetoid pioneers and you will have the complete felix 2018 enthusiasm kit


While I’m traveling with just my switch I’m hankering for a jrpg to play for a little while, any recommendations?

My criteria (which may make this impossible):

I’m losing tolerance for anime tiddies in my advanced age
I don’t want 20 hours of exposition before I get to actually play the game
I’m probably only going to play this for a week or two, so maybe $15 max is what I’m willing to spend

Maybe the Phantasy Star @GherkinForce recently enjoyed?


romancing saga 2

fits all of those criteria, there’s maybe 20 seconds of exposition in the whole thing


I’m loving Phantasy Star, but it’s pretty short, and the difficulty is either a little too easy or a little too hard. Hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it, though.


Oh! Great! I’ve been meaning to play a SaGa game

Oh no! :frowning: how bad?

edit: and its $25 on the eShop right now, hm


it’s not great but functional and the only way to play it in english

it’s not a tick, can be more brutal than that if you’re not careful - you lose 1 life every time you’re hit while knocked out

it rules


that’s about it isn’t it? there’s a bunch of like old final fantasy games and dragon quest xi and an smt coming to it next year or whatever but other than it’s like just octopath, which i couldn’t possibly recommend


I saw this a few years ago at MAGFest, seems “Dragon Knight” and “puzzle dot fighters” aren’t really near the name to search. If anyone’s familiar/knows it, I’m curious how this might’ve developed.


Whoops, it deleted my post when I refreshed on an open edit window.

Anyway, it’s a Square mobile port; uglier than leaving it untouched (though better than Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger escaped with), terrible fonts, and a poor-quality translation.

Bad enough that you’ll wish it was better but good enough to buy, even at $25. Go in knowing it’s story-light.


the menu UI hurts, the other parts were fine


has anyone played iron crypticle

I really like the look of it


I think I got it on Steam a while back and returned it. It didn’t have much crunch and felt rather slow paced. It does look nice, though!


damn, my friend is a big aqua kitty pusher and I was trying to get something adjacent so I wouldn’t be fully ignoring her rec


is resonance of fate as impenetrable as it looks


it’s not but it’s also not very deep – lots of artifice for not much reward. It’s one of the more memorable tri ace games to me for all the weird shit going on and for the theoretically interesting level design but I got sick of doing what it wanted me to like a third of the way through

also a case of “doing well is one thing, but doing well without it feeling and looking stupid is another entirely”


but nah, it’s not that complicated. i think it could’ve done with additional depth, but it does look and feel amazing on the combat side.


For some reason I decided to get an IG. What are some kool accounts to follow that don’t post too much and are nice. I like buildings and clothes and probably most other things. I am dylans_pix on there if u wanna say hi lol. Is there an Instagram thread???


Can someone explain the “soulja boy consoles” meme to me with enough specificity that I get it, but still vague enough that it doesn’t ruin my life thx