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some rapper resold a bunch of chinese consoles loaded with roms


that is a ridiculous idea

has he been arrested yet


he hasn’t and he even posted since-deleted tweets more or less openly hoping that Nintendo would go after him

this is in addition to shittalking youtubes who made videos about the consoles (or, in a few cases, their non-Soulja Boy-branded direct from AliExpress counterparts) and planning to open a physical store to sell said consoles. with roms.


The youtubers are really into yelling at soulja boy and getting millions of hits.


soulja boy is actually a games conservation hero and if u disagree you’re a cop that works for nintendo


Nobody has answered the most important question: DOES IT RUN BRAID?


I’m preparing to finally release my documentary online, and in the process I want to move the film’s website to a better hosting service. I currently use 000Webhosting because it’s free, but it slaps an ugly little watermark in the corner of the website and goes down all the time.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent free or cheap webhost that doesn’t do those things? The film itself will just be a Vimeo embed, so I won’t need crazy video streaming bandwidth.


I use https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net for most of my projects. Its pricing is based on resources used per day, which is pretty reasonable if you are not as popular on the Internet as you wish you were.

Alternatively if you just want something completely static, Github Pages can be be used as a static web host for free without watermarking, and you can hook up your own domain, as long as you don’t mind having the source for the site be publicly visible (like this for my old blog).


I didn’t know you could use GitHub Pages for free hosting! Thanks a ton for the great advice. My site is completely static so I’m going to give that a go. If my site is simply html and css files then can I just copy and paste them into GitHub and have it just work?


Pretty much, yeah. Full instructions are available here: https://pages.github.com


Thanks, this rules! I had to remove a php contact form that only ever got me spam emails anyway, but otherwise the site seems to work perfectly on GitHub Pages. This is the ideal solution. I’m glad I asked!


Does NES Arkanoid only really work with the special dial controller? Always felt impossible to play on a normal controller when I was a kid.

Maybe there’s some strategic thing I’m missing too, or I just need to predict angles better?


Wasn’t sure which Nier Automata thread to ask this in, and it’s a short one (C/D/E playthrough spoilers): What the hell are the controls for the Pascal vs. Engels boss fight? I couldn’t figure out how to attack at all and I’m not going to repeat that entire chunk of the game until I brute force the controls


iirc square is light attack and there’s not really strategy to that part. you just have to make sure your attacks land before his do, so just mash square until you win.


I think I fucked it up the first time and was annoyed too


there’s a block button, too. if you block you’re guaranteed the next hit, i think


I think the answer to this is yes.

The dpad is a lot slower then the dial. You need the dial.


how did octopath traveler turn out? was it pretty much ‘what if saga was bad?’


It’s fine. I mean, it’s basically not a Saga game at all, but more of a basic JRPG/very minor ff5 job system riff, with 8 different characters. I played like 50 hours of it because portable RPGs are my jam, but aside from the graphical stuff, nothing was particularly unique or innovative about it. Combat had a few fun ideas, and there are some late game jobs that let you abuse things in interesting ways, but it is far from essential.


yeah other than a couple graphics and a few combat wrinkles that really aren’t even that much to write home about it’s pretty soulless and weak imo