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I heard it was bogus re women, so it’s like… Why am I even doing a story game.

Tim seemed to talk about it’s gameplay tho.


Divinity: Original Sin: 2 lets you play as a lizard person. How cool is that? No, i mean, as a literal question, how cool is that. Can you be a lizard wizard who breaks the game in cool ways? If my scale for WRPGs is based on how much you can break them with cool skills, and how much you can play a lizard person, how does D:OS2 rank compared to Morrowind?


You can do most quests in reverse order and wizards are super cool in the combat system. Its more like fallout turn based combat except you can set the floor on fire than it is like morrowind. Lizards are super cool too. You can have a party made of lizards and skellingtons.


skeletons get to wear faces to blend in with normie society

elves ritualistically eat dead flesh to relive memories

Divinity’s all about snippets of extra content to make your choice feel special

oh and you can easily get a perk that lets you talk to animals, who mostly have animal thoughts about things


these are really fucking good answers for me my dudes. i’m probably gonna get this game now


Talking to animals perk is absolutely essential content


I want to be a magical lizard who talks to animals and can set the floor on fire!

but in lieu of that, i will play one in videogmes


Any recommendations for PS1 multiplayer games that are easily accessible to non-gamers? I’m thinking of stuff like Xi -sai-/Devil Dice or its 2D friend Keeper on the Super Famicom.


Bushido Blade. Not kidding.


You might try Top Shop.


anyone have any tips for emulating panzer dragoon saga? preferably with retroarch


It is doable, I will look up my settings tonight. You want to use the beetle core iirc

Disc switching is a pain, but again, doable.


thank you!


While I’m out, make sure that the cue files point to the right bin files, that’s usually the first issue I have with disc based games.


Does anyone here own any of the Arcade Archives or ACA (which from what i understand are just the same thing but exclusively Neo-Geo versions?) games by Hamster on Switch?

We have a console here in the workplace break room that occasionally get used for Mario Kart during downtime. How I would ideally want the arcade games to work is so they were just an arcade cabinet that didn’t reset high scores when powered down. Just could be left alone to play their attract modes, push a button to insert a coin (even more perfect if you could restrict the max credits per run), have a go at it and then enter your initials in the board if you qualify at the end which would be kept even if you shut it down.

Do these make something like this possible?


I’ve got Waku Waku 7, you can load the game up and leave it on attract mode, but I think the Switch itself will go into sleep if it is left alone for long enough? Might be able to turn that off in settings somewhere.

As for saving scores after shutting down, I’d have to check, but I think it only allows uploading scores to a leaderboard, although I am pretty sure you can also use a save state to keep the scores.


Didn’t even think about all the fighting games that are also part of this. Kind of strange of all having online leaderboards for their arcade scores of all things.

Sort of what I feared. Having to always keep a very volatile save state going is just going to be a bit too complex. Guessing if anyone just turns it off without save stating the scores will be gone then? Even just saving to online leaderboards would be alright I guess if it saved a few more then just your single top score and allowed you to enter a custom name for every new entry.


just booted up Money Idol Exchanger in one of the normal modes (eg not a caravan mode), it’s definitely saved my scores locally, as I’ve always played the game portably and couldn’t upload to leaderboards

I think you just need to make sure people keep selecting to boot the game up with the same user since it looks like the ACA stuff separates saves on a per user basis

edit: I should clarify this isn’t booting from a save state/interrupt data, this is cold booting the game from the Switch menu and then starting from the ACA menu, which essentially is cold booting a Neo Geo, the emulator is properly supporting saving the score itself


Oh cool, this might be promising then! Is there some way to limit your credit count as well or do you just have to place a hard limit on yourself? If the latter is there some way to actually reset the high scores as well if someone does just credit feeds through?

Also, is saving scores like this possible in any non-official arcade emulators? From what I’ve seen it always seemed like the closest you got was to have it auto-save state on exit and auto-load state on boot.


I don’t know about other games but MIE has options to turn continues off and the ability to reset scores

AFAIK Mame should support NG battery backup stuff like calendar, scores and other nonsense