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Sounds perfect then. Thanks you! Guess I just gotta figure out some suitable games any shmuck can have fun with but can save that for if it people like the idea first.


Is there no way to buy the Super Famicom replica SN30s from 8bitdo anymore? I don’t want the weird ones with the analog sticks, and I don’t want the weird ones with the inverted color scheme.


Looking at their site, they only list it on the support page for firmware/manuals under their “Discontinued Products” section, so outside of a third party seller, I doubt it.

They do sell those DIY wireless replacement boards, if you wanted to hack up a Super Famicom controller off of eBay.

(I’ll never understand why they’ve gone for the “buttons on a dark gray smear” scheme with some of their recent controllers. Maybe they needed to be, uh, legally distinct enough from the genuine article?)


Are there any hdmi switches that SB folks like or at least don’t think suck too badly? I tried a cheapo one and it was not good


I have this one that works well. I would expect most monoprice models with good non-sketchy reviews to work fine.


I got this one and it’s been reliable for me. Very occasionally the battery in the remote gets a little loose and it doesn’t reapond so I just shake the remote up and down once and it’s fine. It gives me a lot of HDMI inputs, a 3.5mm out so I can connect some regular speakers (my monitor didn’t have speakers), and a remote to control it from my chair.


I use this basic one from Best Buy and it works well enough for me


can’t personally vouch for any of these but here’s some suggestions


Ok, I was able to play through PD Saga with the following setup:

  • Beetle Saturn
  • .bin/.cue files, correctly formatted
  • BIOS files in the Retroarch/System/ folder
  • CD Image Cache on (to prevent occasional stutters)


Thank you so much! I got it running real easy. I appreciate the bios link too bc i didnt have that. ur a great help, looking at some of the other tutorials online my eyes just glazed over


So this Switch as an arcade machine works quite well. Bought classic Donkey Kong and Metal Slug 3 and alter between them. Was worried initially when the Hi Score Mode that restricts you to only a single credit run skips right past the attract mode and into gameplay. Wanted something that’s always playing to entice!

Turns out though that this wasn’t much of an issue since the normal game modes actually work fine. Donkey Kong automatically resets both your score and progress when you lose your credit even if you’ve inserted more and for MS3 there is a menu option to turn off continues. If another game would happen to do neither of these things though then credit feeding scores might be a problem. I imagine it depends on entirely if their original arcade releases worked like that?

It’s a shame that even when specifically muting the attract mode in the options for MS3 that it still plays the Neo-geo jingle every 30 seconds or so out loud. Know that’s just how the arcades worked but also means you have to adjust the tv volume every time you begin and stop playing to keep others around from going bonkers.

Really like the scanline filter they have that adds subtle scrolling lines across the screen like you’re filming a crt with an older camera.


Any tips on narrowing down the many many available choices when buying an external hard drive? Kind of tempted to just go for best value of $/TB here.


I got 4 in this apartment. One of them is orange! Another is matte copper. The matte copper one I have had for too long.

I just get 100 dollar ones on sale for 60. They seem to all still work.


I snap up the Western Digital 4TB drives when they go on sale at Best Buy. Haven’t had any issues with them yet (well, except that I’m a dingus and try to have everything installed on my PS4 and run out of space on that particular external drive).

Haven’t ever really messed with the really big “need outside power to run it” externals, though.


Is Katamari Reroll worth playing if I’ve never played the original game? I’ve only played We <3 Katamari, as well as the miserable “best of” show that was the PS3 version.


I haven’t played the remake but the original Katamari is, IMO, the best version of the game, even better than We <3 Katamari. It’s more clearly designed after Pacman and you can feel the progression of differently sized items in a very meaningful way, vs. the later games “piles of junk” design.

I mean, We <3 Katamari IS really good, but I like the first one better.

Maybe the remake ruined it.


This is good news. I have extremely fond memories of We Love

I also love Pac-Man and other such zany Namco games


From what I’ve read it’s a very good port and it’s also one of the top games ever made so it’s probably a safe buy.


yeah, the remake seems very true to the original from what i remember.
holds up really well and now i can play it in the bath on my nintendo switch


It will be fine but they got rid of the English dub in the family cutscenes.