Quick Questions XIII: Answers Return


It’s still a super charming game, but the way the little girl says “I feel it, I feel the cosmos” is etched into my soul and hearing it in Japanese just isn’t the same :frowning:


I got the remake today because of this post, can confirm it’s a great port, leaves the textures and models alone while upping the resolution and removing the mid-level loading screens. Plus you can see more junk in your katamari. Also it’s a wonderful joyful game.


Anyone read all of Dune? The full series?

I never read past God Emperor because it felt like such a good ending point. Did I really miss anything by stopping there?




All that’s left is a couple books by a much older and much hornier man who’s lost the thread entirely.

God Emperor is the best, cherish its worm apotheosis and let it sit




Not really. And dear sweet god, don’t read any of the shit his kid wrote.


I also stopped at God Emperor when I read the series as a teenager; didn’t realize there was more (not counting the posthumous stuff)


It’s not a dune thread it’s a quick questions thread


Some of it I didn’t hate! It absolutely reads like polished fanfiction and I was totally okay with that. The stuff about the Butlerian Jihad, anyway.


The Butlerian Jihad stuff bugged me the most, just because it took something really mysterious in the original books and turned it into…yeah, polished fanfiction is about right. It also did the Star Wars thing of “here is this vast giant universe but literally everything that has ever happened to it occurred to these like 3 families only”.


I don’t get the “no dune” meme


it’s a winkerism


probably the only thing about Olde SB that’s good tbh


basically anything but “no dune threads” from before, like, 2012 should be banned and yes that means posters too and that means me goodbye to all my online friends forever~


j/k I will never log off : (


hey what was wrong with the ps4 sotn port again? my partner was interested when i was flicking through the ps4 sale and like, i haven’t played Rondo of Blood yet


Uses the PSP translation so no DIE MONSTER. Otherwise good.


Some of the sound effects are really wonky, too.


Are there any good PC 3D Platformers that use KB/M as the primary input device? I’m trying to design some KB/M moon fields input but it’s hard. Analog Input is important, but having it be point & click makes 1p much different than Versus mode