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Continuing the discussion from Circuit City on the Edge of Forever - #2026 by Felix.

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almost did ‘Live Free or Die Hardware’ but that should probably be part 4 if any

no idea how to use this but it might behoove youse to know that Australia’s #1 electronics magnate was for some time one Dick Smith


this should just be the thread title imo


In light of Felix’s Will I/Won’t I upgrade dilemma please name thread

Circuit City Edging Me Forever


just call it “nerds” cuz y’all are nerds


the macbook air doesn’t playback movies as smoothly as I like but it’s the same not completely smoothness whether it’s playing an 97gig 4k remux of lawrence of arabia or a 2gig brrip of superbad over the network or a 4gig episode of true detective season 2 copied over to its drive. I was using vlc. what could be the issue here


or wait, this version supports HDR GitHub - iina-plus/iina: The modern video player for macOS with HDR support.

I haven’t used VLC on Mac in a while, IINA is their mpv frontend

I don’t even know what I’m looking at here


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I still don’t know what I’m supposed to doing at any of this github shit and I know in the event I somehow successfully pull off this immense achievement of installing a video player on a mac, outputting the audio and video to a 2nd display is probably going to be a whole other ass thing, probably involving editing text files or some command line shit.

I’m taking this back to costco and buying a ps5 or some lifetime subscriptions for streaming sites or some shit, congratulations, You win!! I Lose!!!


there’s no way for me to tell you that you can scroll down and the readme has a link to a page with prebuilt binaries without sounding snarky but I’m telling you anyway


(it does say that, but it is a little confusing actually parsing what’s going on the Actions tab for someone who’s not seen it, and also it is non-obvious that you have to be logged in to actually click and download the artifact links)

(always an option: refuse being felix-pilled and just use the official version)


I made it that far, to where it said “you may download binaries on the action page” and I was on the action page and not seeing anything downloadable, just peoples checklists or some shit. so apparently I need an account to see the secret knowledge


well, you bought into macOS

you’re a unix user now

time to learn terminal


is there a knuckledragger version how-to for that somewhere

everyone told me macs were easier to use and didn’t require any of the weird workarounds and dumb fussiness of a windows machine

but this is literally the opposite of the truth. i haven’t opened a command line in windows in years except for the dumbest of reasons, but i have to do it to change basic settings on a mac.



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the short explanation of this is that there’s no “middle” category of “power user, non-developer” on Macs, because Apple doesn’t respect them – it’s either, “use this exactly as it comes and you’ll spend less time thinking about it to make it work nice than you would with Windows,” or “learn developer shit.”

not the best philosophy but there it is

if you like computers as a hobby but don’t like terminals at all, you shouldn’t get a Mac


btw my post was a post of sympathy for this, and i wish i could help you but opening a terminal makes me see red immediately so i cannot help you despite having used a macbook for nearly 3 years now and working at a tech company that uses macbooks exclusively. sry