Circuit City on the Edge of Forever

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you can’t tell me what to do, system

circuit city on the edge of forever


fine, fine


DVI is the same video signaling as HDMI, you can convert one to the other with a passive adapter. Probably doesn’t have full HDMI bandwidth though, I’ve only used it up to 1200p@60

DP+ ports can be used as HDMI ports with an adapter

Regular DP ports are only good for DP

yup, DVI only does the equivalent of HDMI 1.2 bandwidth I think

we used to have a circuit city around here back before every retailer in america closed at the beginning of the global depression that no one talks about


Circuit City went bankrupt in the PS2 days was this a straggler?

I remember going on the day the bankruptcy announced and passing a Cheap Ass Gamer with a trashbag of games.

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I bought a 360 chatpad at our Circuit City, I think they finished liquidating in 2008 or 2009.

I wanted that thing desperately because and only because it was a backlit keyboard


filed for chapter 11 in 2008 according to the internet. presumably they closed a lot of stores in the years before that, though. my friend used to work at the one around here, I think they lasted up until the end

There’s a very obvious former circuit city in the plaza outside of cleveland that was built on a sink hole. Still there, as far as I know.


The last brand new CRT I ever bought was an EDTV at Circuit City. In the parking lot I ran into someone from high school I never really cared for much, and he just talked my ear off the whole time I wanted to get home to check out my new 480p capable TV!


A friend of mine is interested in getting better performance out of his PC, possibly by getting more memory, and my own history with hardware is such that I felt I’d better just link him to this thread to ask the experts. So if you’re reading this, (name): hello!

We’d need to know his current specs before being able to suggest what the bottleneck is. You usually can’t go wrong with RAM, but if he’s got particularly old hardware, there might be other points to consider.

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If you’re out there, open the start menu and type/run “dxdiag” for us to @Mokushka’s point


I’m happy to report my local Microcenter has sustained stock of GPUs once again



How long until the plot of a Netflix original movie is “a bunch of nerds put on all their tacticool bullshit and try to raid a cryptomining facility to get graphics cards”


That would be a Silicon Valley subplot for sure


got bumped up a fibre tier because my wife works for the telco now and it’s pretty neat to see my phone pull down 600mbit from the tub