Games You Played Today Classic Mini


Fallout 4 at least made the Brotherhood seem like a bunch of zealous dicks.

I also bailed on the game like 150 hours in, but wasn’t your Brotherhood buddy actually a Synth and has a huge crisis over it?


in fallout 3, the brotherhood of steel were unambiguously the good guys: they were fighitng against the fascist enclave, sharing tech with the people, and trying to provide food, water and medicine.
but it was explained that the brotherhood in this area was a kind of offshoot, different from the isolationist cult in other areas. so in new vegas, the brotherhood branch you meet is an isolationist cult: the live in a secret bunker, keep their technology under lock and key and are very distrustful of outsiders.
then in fallout 4, they’re now a gigantic military organisation with the outlook of an x-men villain faction that wants to enforce laws and genetic purity and so on.
there’s two other big factions in fallou 4, and they’re supposed to be all morally equal, in a limp centrist kind of way. all three are pretty awful though. as well as the brotherhood, there’s the minutemen, who are kind of american dream rugged individualist second amendment types, and the institute, who kidnap people to replace them with robot clones for some reason and they also have the tehnology to give everyone clean water and food and power but they don’t want to, for some reason.

so you can pick the bigots, the ayn rand fantasists, or the guys who could help but don’t feel like it and also do pointless evil things for no reason.

and then in the exapnsions you can straight up become a raider and enslave villages instead of helping to rebuild them.

i just want a cool game where i can shoot monsters from a long way away and find stuff in rotting buildings in post-apoaclyptic land waaauuuugh


That sounds a little better. “All organizations are evil” is a pretty common pattern in post-apocalyptic fiction, with the implication that only close friendly ties can be trusted. It reinforces the loner myth that post-apocalypse trades in. Fallouts 1 & 2 mostly worked under those rules.


but i want to be a hero! there’s no option for that in 4!




best shirt '17


Missed the light talk, but Peggle 2 flashes the controller light the color of pegs when it hits them which was kind of neat in a dark room


About to take a scuttle hurry in Rain World again, thank you @tibyz

Going in blind as possible aside from your tale and cover art, my first couple hours came off more aimless and tiring than I was in the mood to trudge. Constant “one more death til I peek at a walkthrough” urges but reaching my second area, the basics started clicking into place. Easy to overthink maybe.

Small victories, constant threats…jamming grab/jump repeatedly while headbutting a lizard through narrow space allowed me to survive, knocking him out the other end. And I don’t even think that’s like a designed maneuver just something funny that happened within its physics (and could be repeated with the right setup).

The more genuinely shocking screwups (like my first deadly pole), the better.


Pillars of Etenrity is the most “I’m thinking of going back to school to get my MFA” writing I’ve ever encountered in any medium I want to eat it and shit out so I can flush it down the toilet then I’ll


which is why the second one being so good was so surprising

sounds like it sold way worse than the first one though which is understandable because the first was garbage


at least I got a weird spaceghost pig


Artifact update: The price of Axe has now more than doubled from the daily low. Roughly $13.87 to $28.67.

Let the bubble begin.


This was my solution. It led to the only really good story I got out of playing FO4, wherein I smacked a Brotherhood dude in armor off their home blimp, but because of the armor, he survived the fall. After I had cleared the blimp, I went back to their empty base on the ground, but I could hear someone steadily approaching from a distance. And there he was, with a sliver of health, the last brother, trying to avenge his shitty fascist buddies. I punched him in the face until he was dead.


i’m actually impressed that was possible, i’d assumed that “on the blimp” was a seperate map to the rest of the world, and any character falling off it would be automatically considered dead


I kinda assumed the same thing, and maybe it is and this was just an error or whatever (you never can tell with bethesda), but I like my version.


been playing a little fifa on the switch and like

if there was a mario strikers-esque game that had online and was balanced I would only play that game


I always preferred Sega Soccer Slam, but yeah.


I was going to say there a new Sega Soccer Slam until I realized it would actually end up being Team Sonic Soccer.


I got a PS VR today

Setup was kind of frustrating! The camera’s cord is way too short and the connector is proprietary so it can’t be extended without buying a $30 cable. :rage: I had to move my PS4 to the middle of the floor for the cable to reach

The camera’s stand is flimsy and doesn’t grip the surface it sits on and the cable is very stiff so it’s frustrating to position! :rage:

The headset is not intuitive to put on and there are so many legal warnings during the setup I thought it was just not going to tell me what I was supposed to do. It’s finicky to get dialed in too, the ridgid mount means that pretty much all the adjustments require scooting it tiny amounts on your head. This means that every time you take it off you have to carefully readjust it :rage:

But once I finally got it set up, well, I got annoyed at The Playroom for having awful controls - does anyone find swiping on the touchpad remotely enjoyable? :expressionless:

But okay AstroBot finally finished installing and that’s… Mostly fun. Very charming for sure, but I hate how it’s not possible to move back into the level. You have to crane yourself around to pretty uncomfortable positions to see behind you. The levels are pretty short, maybe I’m supposed to just replay them to get things that I passed up, but I feel like that discourages exploration. I’ll keep at it though, it is very cute and surprisingly pretty. There was an underground level with glowing mushrooms that had some lovely lighting.

Right now I’m watching my wife play the other pack in game, Moss. It’s a cute super linear 2d-ish platformer that ends up being a very poor use of VR. It feels like a 2d movie that gets 3d added in post production. The use of depth is mostly limited to annoying jumps into the camera, and then you have my favorite, pointless motion controls. Aside from being cute, it’s a bad choice for a pack-in game. Something that emphasized the sense of volume you can only get in VR or was a more immersive game would have been much better. Maybe you definitely need PS Move controllers for those and they wanted a sit down, controller-based experience to keep the cost down?

Still, the PSVR has a lot of potential. Even on my non-pro PS4 both games were very smooth and looked good. It probably has the best price/performance ratio of any VR system right now and I imagine there are way more PS4s out there than PCs powerful enough to do VR. That makes me optimistic that some cool stuff will come out (or has come out!) for it. I don’t think that it’s out of the question that the inevitable PS5 will also support it which opens up more possibilities too

I feel like a kid on the playground explaining, in excruciating boring detail, why the Jaguar is going to be the best system ever

Rez Infinite (and Virtual Reality in General)

I didn’t realize that PSVR needs a separate tracking camera, Windows Mixed Reality is able to do it all by just resolving relative movement with the front cameras and gyroscopes

seems to work fine too as it’s fully compatible with Vive stuff