Games You Played Today Classic Mini

this one had the most bloodpotions


i played the bouncer in yakuza 2


i played dead or alive 3d

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Mostly been playing “robot dinosaurs” (aka Horizon) with my wife. Had a cool little moment when she recognized a place in the game as Red Rocks Amphitheater and got to reminisce about seeing Daft Punk there.



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i like night in the woods it’s just the right amount of “too millennial” and i love it’s rendition of autumn


Finished all the non-endgame missions in The Signal from Tölva, unlocked enough final tier weapons to solo assault bunkers with a full 4 bot garrison + 4 extras + reinforcements arriving mid-assault by kiting them out with long-range & exploiting their game AI to force them to retreat and let the next bit in the queue have its turn.

I play Dragon Quest XI before bed and avoid thinking about the collective weight of human atrocities as well as my own personal failures.


Wow, I sure wish I had $60.


i played some english country tune after realising i had owned it for years but had never launched it. really smart puzzle game. it was probably just as smart 7 years ago or whenever it came out


I did this recently too! I really enjoy how densely knotted it is. Each new puzzle twisted whatever plan I made to solve the previous one. I almost never immediately thought of solutions and had to work things out through trial and error.

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yeah it’s very good at establishing the rules and then changing them in increments/making you think a step further. increpare puts out games at an alarming rate so idk if he’s still messing around in puzzlescript but the stuff he was releasing over twitter a few months ago was cool


I’ve recently been playing Rayman Legends again on PS4. I don’t remember exactly how far I made it in the PS3 version, but I had forgotten how frustrating it is to try to get the target time in the “invasion” levels. I’m resigned to making the second-best time my goal.

It sounds like I will have to try Dragon Quest 11 after it gets cheaper, even though I never finished DQ7 and DQ8 wore out its welcome for me toward the end.

I realized today that I can’t remember a single thing about DQ8’s story, while I can clearly remember at least some plot elements from all of the other DQ games that I’ve played. I’m not sure why that is.

Edit: This is one of the levels in Rayman Legends that never gets old for me:


Woah, I didn’t even realize he made so many. I thought it was mainly just this and Stephen’s Sausage Roll. Shucks!

i mean it’s -mainly- those two in that i think those are the only two he charges for, but there are hundreds of tiny free games on his website

(opera omnia is a good place to start exploring)


I am up to year 4 in Grim Fandango and I both really like the atmosphere of the thing and really dislike how bad type of adventure gaming it is at times. Multiple times I’ve had to go check a walkthrough to see what I need to do next, only to find out that I tried to do it but I wasn’t standing in the exact right spot for it to register.

Also yes, English Country Tune is very swell.


I’ve been sinking credits into Fire Shark recently and god damn do I need to derust my shmup reflexes.

I just tried Gunslinger Stratos and I have officially retired from video games. It’s been a good run but I’m on to greener pastures.


Tappingo. It’s a good bedtime game.

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