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I think paper trading cards are a terrible racket too, just to make my position clear. It’s good to know Artifact is less terrible but the whole steam marketplace makes me sick… I guess at least you can trade single cards, which isn’t possible in Hearthstone and the like, so you can get specifically what you want instead of paying for loot boxes


Why not?


The first one has a better soundtrack than Zwei if nothing else.

I liked the rearranged Saga soundtrack I think.


I just found out you shoot “communist sympathizers” in Fallout 76. Truly the anti-sb game


bethesda really don’t understand the point of that franchise, do they?


You mean you’re not a fan of the heroic and selfless paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel?


somehow we’ve managed to take scarcity economies in CCGs from the physical to the virtual and I’m just very disappointed


I dunno, pivoting from the horrors of nuclear war to letting me spend $14.99 to dress my nuke up like the Vault Boy and launch it at some guy whose mom is yelling at him to come to dinner, well. That’s its own kind of hell, if you think about it.


I mean, the thing that made Fallout 4 fun for me was literally hunting down and murdering every single member of this faction with Adrien Brody’s fists or a baseball bat, so I might be a fan, but not the way they want me to be.


i found yoshi’s house in odyssey


I think there’s a place for it; I certainly savor the experience I had as a child building from limited means and slowly expanding them, but then, I’m the one who always picks ‘Deprived’ class and loves the tough survival edge of games. I think it breaks down when people build decks according to meta and then it needs less friction/money extraction.

I’m also happy we’ve got card games with other models running simultaneously, mind.

We can extend this to any randomized reward schedule in games, which operates on similar principles; I think they have a purpose, they’re often overused, and we should train players to understand how to break away from them (idealistically, I thought idle games would do just that, nakedly expose the tricks of random reward schedules to break addiction. Oh how wrong I was)


Wait, are Bethesda Brotherhood of Steel not explicitly, obviously, fascist Templar cosplayers? I didn’t get far enough in Fallout 3 to really tell


I just have to pop in again and mention that I don’t know anything about the Fallout series, so that was not a comment on how the series changed or whatever. Maybe you always shot communist sympathizers? Just thought it was funny/inappropriate


They keep using them and their armor as mascots for the series, so I think Bethesda (or someone) likes them.


Interplay Fallout is guilty of that as well; it’s a good design (armored gas mask) and has an interesting tension between villain on the cover and aspirational player power promise.

I think that sits uneasily with fascist glorifying but that’s inherent in almost every violent game. Do you know if it’s worse now?


Bethesda has always written them as straight up good guys.


Well that ain’t good!


The market isn’t very liquid yet so if you just take the lowest price someone’s asking for, you’ll pay somewhat more than if you set the highest bid price and waited for someone to sell it to you. The difference between the lowest ask and the highest bid in markets is known as the “bid/ask spread”.

For instance, this is the most expensive/sought-after card in the game currently, Axe:

The prices are fluctuating constantly, but on my screen right now the lowest ask is $16.51 and the highest bid is $14.75. So, if you set a bid at $14.76 and waited for someone to sell to you, you might save a buck. These savings can add up if you’re going for a complete playset, but of course you can disregard this all and just take the lowest offers if you’re buying in bulk and don’t wanna bother.


Fallout 3 has a ridiculous final encounter where you tag along behind a bunch of OO-RAH!! Brotherhood of Steel marines while a giant robot nukes everything. it’s so fucking stupid


Ah, gotcha, that makes sense