Games You Played Today Classic Mini


GTAV phone calls go through the speaker and it is super annoying. Especially because GTAV forgets your settings every few months. So you will load up and be playing quietly and then have to scramble as YO PLAYER CHARACTER explodes from your controller with little way to stop it quickly.


I use a controller without a speaker in it, and now I’m paranoid I’m missing out :frowning: Then again, I also use headphones, so I’m gonna miss that stuff anyway.

I remember Shadow of Mordor played super fucking loud grass noises when you even so much as grazed a patch or bush.

Playing more of Hitman 2 and damn, it’s pretty hard. I’m sure I’ll find my comfortable routes, but trying to take out the movie star in Mumbai alone has gotten me killed half a dozen times.


In my experience, when you use headphones, all the speaker sounds just get directed into the headphones, which is a nice compromise. Might be a per game thing though, not sure.


There’s a monster in The Evil Within 2 that only makes sounds through the controller speaker.

In Astrobot all the little robots you save fly into your controller on screen and you can hear them in your DS4 through it’s speaker.


Yeah, I’m still on Miami and I find it pretty difficult (but great) myself. I really loved the intro beach apartment break-in level, but I find Miami so huge as to be a bit overwhelming. I never played Hitman 1, and I’m wondering if that game had more of a curve in terms of the scope and size of its levels.


In Platinum’s Legend of Korra game the pad changed color when you switched between element styles.


It doesn’t hurt playing the intro levels they carried over from Hitman, but yeah, after those levels Paris and Sapienza had you go after two targets each with a pretty clear means of approach.

Hitman could be kinda hand-holdy, and I probably got used to that. Hitman 2 just says “hey, that guy you passed by has a good disguise, get it,” points you in a general direction, and leaves you to figure out the rest.


ohhh I didn’t know that! Now I feel like I’m missing out :open_mouth:


It’s nothing huge, just like a line that the light shines through, but I appreciate it. Given that PS4 controller batteries are not the best, you will probably end up with a new on anyhow. I will try to grab a pic of it tonight if I remember so you can see. Hell, for all i know, it is just a production flaw in my controller, but one that I love.

EDIT: Nope, apparently it was an intentional revision:


I thought it wasn’t too difficult. I was able to go through each level the first time trying to so/sa it, then repeat the process on master difficulty, without too much trouble, except columbia took a little patience to figure out. I like to take care of the “classics” challenges on master difficulty first before getting into everything else, and I just did the last level.


[quote=“boojiboy7, post:622, topic:7301, full:true”]
It’s nothing huge, just like a line that the light shines through, but I appreciate it.[/quote]

The original position of the light bar was never great for the holder to see their own light so it’s a nice benefit there, but I imagine the second light bar actually serves a dual purpose of helping with controller tracking on PSVR. The camera tracks the controller’s light bar and the second strip is probably helping with tracking when you turn the controller downward.


ah geez I started valkyria chronicles on the switch

I wish there wasn’t so much talking

I also wish that there wasn’t such a weird relationship with like, war


this is my experience with 95% of RPGs


also my experience with life in general


Red Dead Redemption 2 sure does feel like one of those games where you step away from it for a week or two and instantly forget all the controls and systems.

I guess I could, uh, restart it. Again. Or just wait til I have time to dump into it.

Anyway, killing time til Smash hits by still messing with Black Ops 4. I continue to be terrible at FPS games, but it turns out you don’t need to be good when you have silent footsteps and a big honkin’ shotgun (the Anton Chigurh method).


I tried Valve’s new CCG Artifact, going through tutorial and one Phantom Draft run (1-2). Coming from Hearthstone, I find the games are way too long and lacking in obvious dramatic moments so I didn’t really enjoy it so far. I doubt I’ll keep playing this until I’m expert enough to truly understand what’s going on and therefore enjoy it.

So I sold all my cards from my 10 starter packs worth anything on the marketplace. I figure I can always buy them back if I have a change of heart, and I suspect they’re at their most expensive on release day. I think I was ridiculously lucky because I got 30$ back, for a profit of 10$ on the game’s selling price. Half of that is from the hero Axe, the most expensive card in the game (15$)


Ax Futures: A Legend of Golden Axe


God, that’s a nightmare. The monetization, I mean. They’re taking this too far


They’re trying to emulate the economy of modern MtG. You can buy packs or buy and sell singles on the Steam marketplace. Currently a full playset runs about ~$250 if you take the lowest asks off the market (which you shouldn’t) and the prices have been falling (you could only reasonably turn a profit if you sold within a small window after the game launched). This is cheaper than Hearthstone, which forces you to buy in bulk (or grind), as well as modern Magic in both the Online and paper formats (which cost three times as much as Online).

As far as trading card games go, Artifact is cheap and will likely be considerably cheaper in a week. Plus you have the option to recoup at least half of your investment for other Steam games.


No Matter How Many Times I play through Panzer Dragoon I barely remember the game. I think I have stronger memories of how much I don’t like Orta and how janky Azel is.

Which is to say last night I played through Panzer Dragoon. Pretty great small game. I should run through Zwei soon at least once. Zwei is so good!