Games You Played Today Classic Mini


the camera is a pain, it’s supposed to be like 4 feet away and as @km mentioned the cable is def. too short

I was using a food thermos to raise it and the fiddly included-stand up to the proper height off the coffee table in front of the couch, but have more recently velcro-taped it to an unused lcd monitor stand/bracket; it all has to get hidden away and taken back out every time

I tried setting it up in the bedroom and playing sitting up against the headboard but that is too far away for it to work properly?


I’ve thought about this too and… something something Super Mario Bros. 1. ultimately the levels aren’t really designed for you to have to move backwards, so if you really miss something, yeah, you just gotta do it again. it’s not really about exploration in that way though. the exploration that happens is with your immediate vision, not your robot buddy. it’s hard to explain, but it’s what I like most about it (and only possible in VR). so like each level has a hidden translucent lizard which, if you catch it in your gaze and keep looking at it, will explode colorfully, unlocking a challenge level. it’s like Mario Land 3D meets Pokemon Snap.

I didn’t have any of those issues with the cord, which is plenty long… I think I have the V1 version, and they changed the cord for the V2? supposedly it was supposed to make it less of a hassle but some people seem to think they made it worse, so I dunno.

if you like ping pong I recommend Racket Fury for a sweet ping pong experience.


The cord for the headset is fine, it’s the one for the camera that is too short


ohh, gotcha. yeah.


I’d recommend picking up Eagle Flight, especially this weekend because it’s part of a flash sale. The game is a series of challenges, between which you fly around the city and look for hidden items. The boundaries of the (relatively small) area are not handled very elegantly, but the free flight mode is fun regardless.

This is the only VR game I’ve tried so far that’s almost made me lose my balance. Specifically, when making a hard turn after a dive.


My lord I forgot the Sega Saturn Virtua Fighter is really really bad. Hit detection is wonky, fighters and the meager backgrounds dissappear. The camera freaks out occasionally. It drops inputs. Taking myself back to 1994 and being real mad. I can’t believe they played this on that Game Center CX Sega spinoff and didn’t at all mention it was crap and there was a at least better version in Remix.

For the youngun’s in the forum SS VF1 is so bad they released and mailed a new version for free to owners of the first. You’d think Nintendo Loving Sega Haters would mention this all the time but it is the silent sting of lovers of blue skies. They did this in at least Japan and America (@HEAVYVIPER @loki ??)

Edit: the 32x version of Virtua Fighter is good.


We so need a new Virtua Fighter. I sometimes play 4 on an emulator because I miss it so much. And because I can’t play 5 yet, it runs too slow on my PC (emulated, obvs). Isn’t there a Yakuza game that has 5 in it? Is that on PC too?


I brought 4 to Bumpass and no one wanted anything to do with it


i think remix was just a budget release in the uk, and maybe it was also the pack-n game with new consoles for a while? i never heard of anyone getting it as a free replacement


i definitely heard about it being a free replacement, but only in american magazines so maybe it didn’t happen here


Tough crowd! I would have played a few rounds


I doubt it happened here. Saturn life in Aus was rough. We got the UK Sega Saturn Magazine, but not the cover CDs for example. IIRC it was one of those systems that pretty much vanished from stores the moment interest died off. Same with Gamecube.

Though personally I didn’t care much. The only VF I actually played for years was Virtua Fighter KIDS. :boh:


Wait what you didn’t say this to me or I would have been all over it.

I will at least bring my Yakuza 6 disc next time so we with have VF is needed.


when final showdown was about to come out i was still involved in the “”“fgc”"" here and a few of us tried very hard to hype it up and it was totally dead within two weeks of the console release

not sure i’m prepared for the heartbreak again when 6 finally shows up


Let me be clear: I also had no interest in playing VF4, I just have it and yelled about it a couple times at fighting game people before giving up


Awww. :frowning:
I was hoping finally to play VF against some other human in person.


i like virtua fighter


winker come to branson and virtua fight me.


i go shun di


I use a bunch of different characters but shun di is definitely on brand winkering.