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Virtua Fight is way too hard. Massive respect to anyone who can do anything in it lol


there are a couple of characters in 5 that are relatively easy to get started with
and when you struggle with stuff you can be comfortable in the knowledge that nobody else in the west is like, legit good at this series


It’s actually a grip for putting the camera on top of your TV olol.

I know I’ve seen people say they have issues with games that make them turn their head but I’ve always played my VR games standing up because I figure games are going to want to make you look around to experience the whole world. Sitting down also doesn’t let you lean around corners and peek into new angles.


Don’t trust anyone who tells you this, not even yourself. The game revolves entirely around 5 moves that work in an RPS fashion (standing punch, crouching punch, forward+punch [called “elbow” because you will elbow your opponent], throw, and guard). Everything else is flavor.

This is literally all you need to know to be successful in Virtua Fighter:

  • Advantage and Disadvantage: When you are at advantage you moves will start first so you are on offense. When you are at disadvantage your moves come out second, so you are on defense.

  • How to get advantage: If you hit someone or guard their attack you get advantage. If you get hit or your attack is blocked you get disadvantage:

The RPS from advantage perspective:

  1. If you think your opponent is going to guard standing, use Throw (because throws always work on guarding opponents).
  2. If you think your opponent is going to be gutsy use any standing attack, use Standing Punch (because your punch will come out first).
  3. If you think your opponent is going to guard crouching, use Elbow (because elbow is a mid-attack and mid-attacks will always hit crouching opponents).
  4. If you think your opponent is going to be gutsy and use any crouching attack, use Elbow (because elbow is a mid-attack and mid-attacks will always hit crouching opponents, and because your punch will come out first).

The RPS from the disadvantage perspective:

  1. If you think your opponent is going to use Standing Punch, use crouching punch (because your crouching attack will duck under the standing attack).
  2. If you think your opponent is going to use a throw, use Crouching Punch (because you will duck under their throw).
  3. If you think your opponent is going to elbow, use Guard (because your attacks will come out slower but guarding the elbow will give you Advantage).
  4. If you think your opponent is going to use crouching punch, use Guard (because your attacks will come out slower but guarding the elbow will give you advantage).

Those four situations are all you need to think about, based on whether your at advantage and disadvantage. The reason you don’t need to worry about other moves is because Standing Punch is the fastest standing attack for every character, Crouching Punch is the fasted crouching attack for every character, and Elbow is the fast mid-attack for every character. So as long as you are prepared for the fastest attacks then you are prepared for the slower attacks too.

Just follow that flowchart and you are ready to play VF against anyone.

Addendum: If you are fighting someone who wants to bring three dimensions into this and is doing sidesteps, then use Throw. Throws will always catch people who are sidestepping.

Addendum 2: If you want to mash buttons, then every character has a combo with PPPK. So that’s a combo starting from Standing Punch. So anytime you use standing punch, you can also use your PPPK combo for more damage.


This might also be part of why Virtua Fighter has trouble catching casual attention. There are a lot of these single pokes going back and forth and it feels great if you’re playing but can look less exciting to viewers who might want to see something flashier.


Yeah, uh, that sounds way too hard


I tried to parse out long to keep it clear, but if you want an even simpler flow chart:

If they are standing, punch them.
If they are crouching, elbow them.
If you hit them, return to the top.

If they block your attack, then use standing guard until you guard their attack. Then return to the top.

And when in doubt, crouching punch (I mean this seriously).


Yeah, the thing I always tell people about VF is that there are three buttons in VF, so just play with those.

Also never ever jump. I mean, OK sure, sometimes you might, but also don’t.


but I wanna floooooooooooooooooooooooat


up to the Obelisk in SMT3 Nocturne, which is about the halfway point of the game iirc

replaying this game has been such an utter treat, it’s like digging into a big bowl of ice cream every single night

like i remembered this game being great but god, the visual presentation (has flat-out the best shot composition of any rpg cutscenes), the script, the soundtrack, the absurdly deep and satisfying fusion/battle mechanics. it’s a fucking class act

going to try hard not to keep daisoujou for the whole game this time lol


started playing the original X-COM for the first time.

love how spooky it actually is. also the relative complexity of the architecture for such a fixed perspective, while making it a bit difficult to parse possible sight lines and angles, really amplifies how dangerous urban combat really is IRL as well.

OpenXCom also has the option to show the TU’s before you commit to movement, which is a godsend.


My god, you’re in for such a treat. Wish I could play it for the first time ever again. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! It’s a masterpiece in my eyes


VF is like the most simple fighting game there is. It’s not hard to get into at all. It’s just also the deepest fighting game, so it’s impossible to master but that shouldn’t curb your enjoyment at all. You’ll always have room for improvement and that’s great. I mean, people enjoy Go and things aren’t much different there


I play Lei Fei and Jacky, let’s do it at Branson. I love fighting Shun, he’s so wacky and cool and my best friend played him back in the day so I know the matchup a little bit


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new siege level and characters are fun

zero regrets about getting this year 3 pass, it has been well worth it


thanks for your post on rain world btw – I had written it off after the mediocre reviews, but I decided to try it after reading your post, and it’s actually fantastic. might even be my goty so far. it’s brutally tough, but I don’t mind the whole process of backtracking 'cause every screen is always different. I’ve even had some situations where dudes congregate in certain areas at certain times of the day? or maybe everyone just disappears right before it rains.

also I’ve just (re)discovered the map after playing for a few hours, and now I actually understand what I’m meant to be doing. I think.



Early impressions of the Playstation Mini JAPAN version.

It seems alright. I guess maybe. I keep catching lag that I don’t remember in all the times I played on a PS2,3, 3 via PSN rom. Like it just stutters for a second. Then all the reviews and tech savvy guys mention “yeah this hardware can’t really run this emulator at full speed.” So I think about that.

So am I seeing these stutters or do I just WANT to see these stutters? Have I become digital foundry and always want an inferior product?

Now that the games are in front of me with me looking at the list the lack of INSERT GAME HERE bothers me more than I thought. The Japanese selection at least looks like a cool person made it. Like it is somebody’s choice if not mine. The US selection as everyone said is an after thought.

I mean if I play MGS on this thing it will be in two ways a new experience. My first time in Kojima’s Perfect Japanese and without a dual shock or a castlevania save. Which well. That feels weird. Will he talk about Gradius at least?


Word is you can plug in a keyboard to access the emulator menu and change settings and that there are other rom images already on the device that aren’t activated.


The person who reported that doesn’t seem to know what they’re looking at because the file they posted to github as proof is source code for the emulator that shows that game-specific optimisations for non-included games were added to the shipping emulator, but I can’t find anything concrete to indicate that the ROMs are present on the actual device. Which is good because Sony would get sued to oblivion if they had.