yeah OK NG+ is hot shit

just tearing everything apart even though it’s a higher difficulty and has way more enemy types is a good feeling


I skipped Devil Hunter after the second mission and Son of Sparda is still really easy aside from some bosses killing me a few times but never feeling like a wall, and it introduces later enemy types ahead of their reveal which is a mild bummer for a first playthrough, but really it just feels like this is still Devil May Cry so it’s still a game about reciting a thesaurus of attack strings on punching bags and therefore it can’t really compete with (Give Me) God of War, which is properly hardcore and expects you to use every tool available to you just to survive each encounter.

I think I’d enjoy it more than GOW regardless if it didn’t have just so fucking many Qliphoth levels that resemble a Skyrim cave. Crossing my fingers that Bloody Palace isn’t just more Qliphoth.


SSSatisfying :bbcool:

How I just funneled a handful of gold orbs at the end of :sos: makes me want to spend some time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (The Void). Before stepping into Dante May Cry (some gaming publication back in 1’s heyday joked this as the original name for Dante Must Die).

By the end of a replay, I’ve always been pretty good at knowing 2/3rds of the moveset in all weapons/styles and leaving the rest for me to occasionally execute right or mash into. But I ain’t up for just “making it” through DMD - I want to steamroll what I can, and for me that requires getting into the Fightin’ Games angle training. I’m pretty sure Rising Dragon can be executed with Balrog and that’s a must.


speaking of which I absolutely adored this part of the ending cutscene, sweet as hell



You can select Son of Sparda from the start? Don’t think I could.

I had the same thoughts about God of War’s skill climb, even exploring early on and especially later parts of the game (on normal!) could throw some really intense encounters in the mix. You couldn’t idle long or waste your attacks, sometimes small fodder were actually a little respite! Gotta give it to that game: Kratos’ meaty moves and enemy tracking/accuracy were dancing a new and really strong tune for combat.


All the talk of the game being easy by the standards of the series is convincing me to possibly give this entry a shot, so good job keep it up!


You get an alternate ending by defeating Urizen in the Prologue. If you do this on either Human or Devil Hunter, it treats it as a game clear and unlocks SOS (successive difficulties do the same for the next step, but have a correspondingly harder Urizen). The ideal strat to beat him is to play until Mission 2 so you can max out the charge shot and whatever vitality upgrades you can get, and then just spam charge shot on him and dodge until he dies.

I mentioned this above but I spoiler-texted the unlock condition and mostly everyone missed it.

I really love the premise of this easter egg, but the execution is questionable. I feel it shouldn’t allow you to bring upgrades into the fight so it can be tuned as a true test of your worthiness instead of a somewhat counter-intuitive slog.


Oh, gotcha. I’m aware of the unlocks and ending I just wasn’t thinking you’d done that to start. Sounds tough! Maybe not as much if on Human, interesting though I didn’t know they let that unlock SoS.


I died like maybe 20 times against him on Human, and it’s a real pain in the ass when you actually die (instead of quickly pausing and checkpoint-reloading when at critical health) cause then you have to skip the cutscene and endure three loading screens and restart the level lol.

But his patterns are mostly very easy to read and dodge (aside from slowfield into fireball) and his shield-crystal’s health goes down pretty fast with the maxed out charge shot.


Working on my Trickster and Royal Guard.


I do wish they’d been less forgiving with the gold orbs in the middle of boss fights, I think I’d be fine with the difficulty otherwise

the problem is that the levels aren’t really interesting enough to want to have to replay them if you fail – I’m just remembering how many times I lost to the worm and to the spider lady in DMC3 and how much more willing I was to re run the whole thing back then so on balance I think the game still made the right call by being so accommodating

it’s very very good candy fluff for a very high standard of candy and it’s very affectionate and thorough toward the history of the series, I’m repeating myself here


they even modernized Dante’s early-aughts swagger in a way that 100% works!

for being so inessential a game the execution is perfect

the women should definitely get a spinoff now that they’re all together like that though. the game does better than expectations in that regard but they’re still underused.


Hopefully that’s their DLC plan, to make the women payable.

I don’t know about this game, it doesn’t immediately grab me like 3 did.

I really hate that you can spend orbs to revive. I’ve cheesed through the bosses with this so far and I can’t help myself. I’d rather not have the option and just fail and retry instead. You know, like in the good old days


It’s so stellar across the board that the couple things feeling phoned in even excised, are forgivable as some kind of concession - but there is a lacking!

It’s funny how the DmC reboot ultimately failed due to an edgier urban reality take, garbling the essential tone and attitude, no matter how good the combat and levels were. So a decade after 4 we get a little DNA of that reboot in a game which is far and away expertly crafted fan service to fulfill expectations.

I used to enjoy dunking on the original God of War series in direct contrast to DMC, now I think its own soft-reboot actually crossed the finish line a bit further ahead as an action adventure achievement.


Just don’t credit feed

Just don’t do it ever

Just respawn from the checkpoint and give it another go. They are very sensibly placed and it wastes very little of your time. If you die at a boss, the checkpoint is just before the boss, with an upgrade statue/van there for you.

You can do it; I believe in you

Think of all the gold orbs you amass, unused, as your Ultimate Score or something. Treasure them.


Easily the most fun I’ve had with a photo mode.


The combat in that game was boring shit, color coded enemies making you switch between boring weapons. The story was “edgy” misogynistic shit in a way that makes the main series look fucking progressive. I don’t even remember the level design because it was just a dull chore to get through. And as a capstone, maybe you get to forcibly abort someone’s fetus at the end (again, literal actual fight that happens in the game).

The DmC reboot failed due to being an unmitigated piece of gross boring shit. I’ve never been so happy that I pirated something.


it’s so weird that they went from there to “what if a valkyrie had depression” and produced an apparently OK result


I’ve lobbed molotovs at DmC from a lot of principles man, before and after it was released but credit where credit is due.

In the world of deep character action (whatever we call it) combat and levels themselves had a trashy aesthetic sure, movement and mechanics were plenty fine. The color coding is a solid idea not allowing you to mash however requiring some switchery. Could be done better, deffo

A few parts such as the Bob Barbara boss fight, techno matrix club level were outstanding. End of the day it’s DDDismal but had some A and S bits.