It’s been too long!


Totally got Casey Edwards and Casey Anthony confused and got mega psyched.

Rap rock’s cool too.


I haven’t looked it up. But it sounds like the same people as some of the DMC 3 music.


The song bangs


Excited for the game, I could … ‘remix’ the music choice though.


I hope this is good. The idea of making the entire DMC squad playable this time was a bit more attractive than…whatever’s happening with Nero and the city. While I can’t say it looks bad, actually pretty nice, the engine(?) and edge to designs make it resemble DMehC more than the first four games. But it has been 10 years.

Doesn’t mean I’m not hype this is happening. I just read this

and yeah that Devil May Cry Van is like the best thing so far.


Hi, it’s me. I never owned a PS2 back when it was new, and I have never played a DMC (or a DmC), but I did have a friend who was really into the first game. He talked up how cool Dante was, just how incredibly fucking cool he was, let’s all be Dante.

Okay, so that is my story goodbye now!


Make that 16 times watching the trailer.

And I have listened to the song on repeat.


Now go play Devil May Cry 3!


I hope the whole game doesn’t take place at night. I kinda how DMC4 took place alot in sunny areas.


So what I recommend is, to battle the abyss demon, with the swored first and while the demon is in the air, you shoot the guys with the two guns…that’s the absolute ultimate(!)


the song isn’t good


Oh wow, I remember being so hyped as a result of that old DMC1 trailer. At the time I had never seen a 3D action game appear so fluid and responsive.





“Devils Never Cry” is a master class industrial rap ballad. Vocal production in that song does rock.

The way CERBERUS BATTLE moodily rises in the cutscene bgm with lyrics kicking in as you take control still feels on as fuck.


dont get me wrong i love dmc’s brand of industrial nu metal!! devil trigger is just too high end and 2011 sounding. if they wanted whatever music dante (or nero) probably listens to now they should have gotten alice glass or the body or something. i know that’s a generic suggestion but devil trigger for real sounds like a local band from the messiest part of new hampshire


what better time for the lil uzi vert x marilyn manson collab than devil may cry 5


Counter-point I have listened to it 20 times now.


DmC had Noisia and Combichrist.