Pre-blackface Combichrist, mind you


Devil Trigger feels a little to pop-like to be a DMC track but I’m so happy to see Nero and Dante again it kinda works for me. Feels like a fun club track. I’m right there with rudie, I’ve had it on repeat for a few sessions.


I’m a little bit sad at the idea that there’s going to be a new dmc after all this time and Shootie H.G. isn’t getting a paycheck. half of his fb presence is still just dmc shit

as sad as I can be for his dumb corny white dreadlocked ass, anyway

we’ll always have Crazy Chocobo


Hadn’t seen this yet! Some brief affirming words from Itsuno with a few more combat clips. The enemies at 1:51 are very similar to DMC3’s Hell Prides.


Devil May Cry V will be out before end of March next year.


I’m still in love with the song. #TeamRudie




Nero looks like the sort’ve guy who’d be named Conor IRL





Not really into the vocals but the instrumentals feel at home. A little to much screech for me.


The internet is informing me the maker of that song is a child predator.


Capcom seems to have also been informed now since they removed it??


Gotta wonder how this tonal misstep happened. “Let’s bring this shriller vox, drudgin sound into the fold, you know, it’s all about the edge!”

I don’t know metal that well, maybe they got connected with a fan on staff or something.

But instead of complimenting or proceeding from the established attitude (chops of smooth and sharp cheese), they went full dull grater. Here’s a case where fanbase belligerence might’ve (?) worked for the better, if that’s going to be Dante’s theme it’s quite a ways from “slick/cool/empowering shade of angst”.


Yeah yikes ain’t enough



Every trailer confirms Devil Trigger is very good.


cool fanart of that Mega Buster DLC