Den of Screenshots


plus it has these joyful folks:


it’s very hard for me to pick out how these very realistic materials end up with an artstyle that’s cartoony but it sometimes totally is, those are some very fun skeletons

I wish the monster designs were clearer and more characterful, I think that was the real letdown in the art


Nero? Do you know what day it is tomorrow?


Don’t feel like cropping those console watermarks out, so glad they did a photo mode though.


That last shot’s too much, mid battle not a cutscene. Pull my RE ENGINE!


being vain and linking to the lot of gran turismo screenshots i posted over in the racing game thread:


Easily the most fun I’ve had with a photo mode.

DEVIL MAY CRY :smiling_imp:

hell yeah




Gorgeous late game spoilery stuff:


End of a shadow





the coolness and calmness of the void, the quiet reflection – john madden


Crusader of Centy



Look its Dark Souls 2: Scholar of The First Sin Edition, running on a laptop via 2013 Intel graphics at 720p with a bunch of settings turned down (but not all of them). But…it still looks like Dark Souls 2?!


last ngiht i unlocked biollante in ps4 godzilla. she dwarfs pretty much every other monster except mecha-king ghidorah, 2014 godzilla and destoroyah

also today i finally got my limited edition copy of sword and fairy 6 that i preordered on a whim a couple of months ago. there’s only 2000 of them! :open_mouth:
it doesn’t have the production values of japanese or western rpgs, but i’m still enjoying how it looks a lot. aesthetic beauty and large scale visual spectacles seem to be important parts of current chinese fantasy, based on this along with various comics, cartoons and toys i’ve seen. one of the loading screens shows what seems to be a big flying ship made of stone and grass, i’m looking forward to that


More laptop pics of Dark Souls 2


Majula is such an amazing looking place!

Edit: You ever low key hang out there just to listen to the music and relax?


Not specifically to relax. But I mean, its a big place with lots to look at and lots of screenshots to take (which will never be seen).

All 4 hub places have a great music piece.

I’m partial to The Nexus from Demon’s Souls and its music.

But I think Majula is easily #2 in the series for its music. And in terms of the place itself, I think its also hard to argue against the #2 spot, due to how large it is.