Man when I am not on a phone, I will write why I think all of this is just not in the game I played, but really, all that needs to be said about that shithole of a game is:


Respect your stance as I think it’s an extremely political one, sum of dmc’s parts not worth defending maybe but. Just trying to be objective about the Game. If I’m not supposed to and undermine everything else about it, being an enthusiast for the series in all its parts, I’ll be eager to read your breakdown of the character and writing (which is fucking abysmal!)


I mean, it just didn’t hurt that the game didn’t entertain me at all, so I didn’t even try to overlook the political part. Around the time a friend figured out you could infinite combo stun enemies in any room with a roof, I just gave up.


gold/yellow orbs have been a thing in dmc since always, and in their earlier incarnations you didn’t even have a choice about whether or not they would revive you; if they were in your possession they would activate upon death. if you died ~3 times you had to restart the entire level, which is consistent with older arcade style design philosophies (and i defended it at the time because i was an annoying git gud nerd) but running through 15 minutes of red orb hallways and marionettes didn’t teach you anything about how to fight the boss you kept dying on at the end of the level. they also had wack consumable items that were disruptive to the flow of the game as they had to be accessed via the menu (and pumping potions while flailing also doesn’t teach you much about any given obstacle).

dmc5 is the most coherent execution of those same concessions that have always been there. as stated above, checkpoints are sensible, consumables have been replaced by making restoratives somewhat more abundant in the environment, and you have an explicit choice to use a gold orb to continue or not, which is appropriately discouraged via your end mission scoring. as per usual, the starting difficulty mainly acts as spectacle while being training wheels for when the game opens up on successive difficulties. it’s fine. it’s the best of both worlds. there’s no reason to hold the way you choose to engage with the game against it in this case.


the most common form of revive orb (was that yellow, with gold being super rare?) never used to let you credit feed from a boss’ depleted state, and didn’t strongly encourage you to do that by default, though, did it?

I think that’s the part I still don’t love, I agree having to re run the levels would be silly in 2019. the problem becomes “why have gold orbs at all” when you could instead give players infinite checkpoint reloads but not encourage trivializing the bosses to this extent, especially if it locks you into a pretty gentle difficulty on your first go. I didn’t even know that opting not to use an orb wouldn’t restart the level from scratch, because that’s not communicated.


anyway I’m having a great time on son of sparda now that I know the game has checkpoints (which I only found out from this thread!) but I’m not convinced I had to earn the right to play the game this way; the bossfights only now being as tense as DMC3 was on my sole playthrough feels like it’s artificially inflating the amount of time I would’ve spent with the game when I would’ve much rather thrown myself at a wall from the get go.


what ever happened to cheating codes


I do reason against it only mildly, because granted my own history and knowledge of the games, the challenge presented’s sensible slope also less steep than its predecessors - a few points lost in my book because “kicking ass” beating bosses getting ranks and so on shouldn’t be rewarded as easily just for showing up. That aspect could be discussed in circles. The degree of implementation is too loose, take again the ease of finding gold diamond-orbs, almost always a hop skip and a jump, barely any work, and the widest part of the player spectrum isn’t going to ignore them.

But I don’t think there’s any getting around the narrowing of geometry and personality loss in the environments, everything else seems so calculated if this was intentional I think they over-sacrificed; many of the Missions blend together because there’s so much sameness. Forgivable but held up to all the other craft, disappointing.


Had a mission


But really wish it’d been



Spoilers, but this is the funniest case of “beat they ass in the game, but lose in the following cutscene” trope I have seen in a while.


So I beat human and … whatever normal is called. I’ve worked through a good number of the achievements. Basically none left to tackle till I beat SOS. Then there’s like… 3 more modes? Then a ton of S ranking?
Frankly I might of hit a wall. I like the game but just playing through 5 times doesn’t really grab me, and the fact that you can’t play with any character on any level in later playthroughs seems insane to me. It’s the easiest way to pad out this game and would keep me playing.

Like I’ve leveled up V pretty well and for what? You can’t use him in the back third of the game.


I mean, if nothing else, you will be able to use him in Bloody Palace mode.


but I have to GET there, ugh.

Tried playing more and got through two more levels. SOS is honestly less fun not because of difficulty but the enemies just take SO many more hits it takes forever. I feel like I’m beating on them with a wet noodle.


It’s true some fights can get exhausting but if you look at what loops do the most damage (not entirely accurate but for example, generally):

Nero: revved Exceed, certain breakers and R2 grapples, constantly charging Blue Rose shots while you hack and slash

Dante: same frequent charge shots with E&I, Swordmaster specials, summoned swords, double Kalina Ann (gotta find the second)

You can make quicker work of some enemy types.

V I don’t know the names so well but Shadow’s triple slash and the other air juggle, spin dash move, Griffon’s lightning v’s, and of course Nightmare spamming the horizontal and then vertical lasers


yeah the one thing that makes me feel like just having a turnkey toggle to start on SOS would be missing the point is that the skill trees all have two whole playthroughs of depth in them, and the later moves aren’t even highly situational or anything, like Nero’s gunblade crit and devil suplex suddenly make L2 and R2 an essential part of combat


I mean, you just get there by owning the game on April 1st when it is getting free DLC released.


And word is from leaks and dataminers is that Virgil might be a character included in that drop. I haven’t tried him in DMC4SE but I’ve seen some videos. If that’s his base I can’t wait to see what tricks he’ll have in 5.


silly me, thought I had to earn it.