yee haw featherface


Cleared Mission 16 and damn, I am getting real sick of this hell tree. Didn’t expect 70% of the game to take place in it.


That is probably my biggest gripe with this game. Just doesn’t feel as atmospheric or as varied as past DMC games. I mean I guess alot of it looks nice but it doesn’t have as much there to make you slow down and take it all in or look around for anything (outside of the orb fragments).


I love how the last upgrade from one of Nero’s ability trees is “yeah it’s an actual gunblade now”

he was already dante and bionic commando and megaman, why not ask for more

I don’t think Adam Driver is the right reference point for V for the record, Adam Driver is way more masculine even just in his face and it’s weird to me that so many people apparently see it that way


has anyone launched right into that second quest yet? difficulty feeling worthwhile?

I’m having fun but I’ll probably tie it off tomorrow and I have like Mario 3 numbers of spare lives which is still… overly generous


I’m almost at the end of Son of Sparda mode. It’s closer to what I think Normal/Devil Hunter should’ve been, but then again probably a couple hairs too rough for many that would’ve started on it. It’s also a second run with most things unlocked and familiar, so

There’s some cool minor extras on a second playthrough, my teeth are sinking harder into the whole thing but yeah. The levels keep ringing competently serviceable at best and mostly forgettable other than their detail. Run along till you can dance again…while everything else is mostly stellar!


sounds about right

I’m torn between being dismayed at how little I’m having to learn boss patterns before successfully muddling through and wondering if I’m going to enjoy being weakened so much


Yeah, the coolest thing on the second playthrough is Vergil getting his full Devil Trigger which opens up some pretty funny animations on every enemy but most specifically on the bosses due to the R2 rage grab.

It’s a bit harder, but certainly not even like original US release DMC3 Normal (which was Hard in every other release of DMC3). It’s been fun so far.


OK ya the initial run feels kinda too easy considering how HARD Virgil was in comparison to every other fight.
I have a mess of thoughts I’m not sure how to put them all down though.


one thing that I think this actually does do better than any other DMC/Clover/Platinum title is give you a massive array of moves that you always have access to, so that the idea of trying to work variety into your combat for points is never a matter of simply alternating between the three or four things you can keep in your head, it’s remembering that you haven’t pressed one of the shoulder buttons for ten minutes because you forgot you had a whole other complement of tools.


in Dante’s case though I still find it pretty much impossible to justify taking more than 2 guns or 2 melee weapons because cycling through them is too hard and as much as I love the nunchaku and the motorbike they’re a mess compared to the starting kit

Changing between all four DMC3 styles on the other hand rules


Unlocked Dante Must Die, which I might play in bits over the next month? Like the days of 3 and 4 I probably won’t be motivated to S Rank it or the Heaven/Hell modes till a couple months from now.

Having subtitles on the second time brought a little something more to certain scenes, it’s weird how we get trained to absorb emphasis with text, and how eyes or thoughts travel when they aren’t on. I feel like with games there can be this visual intake constantly gauging graphical style and realism versus live action where you aren’t distracted in the same sense. I dunno

Sat down with all the records and models, art, etc. and on top of the battle tracks and some decently stirring bg pieces, I really love the super chill tracks playing in the DMC van.

Hope someone gets a free camera going around it while in motion, keep wishing I could see more stuff in there up close.


I feel like I can’t reliably S rank as Nero in combat, or even god forbid SSS because he just doesn’t have the options I need.

how are the action gurus and gods and gamers of select button handling him


Did you not play 4? Because this was definitely in 4. And it ruled there too.

Playing through my second run with the mocap vids and it is consistently hilarious.


4 is too much for me so I don’t touch the chuks but the motorcycle is so fun to use and it’s like a license to print S ranks. I generally just switch between Swordmaster and Trickster styles though.

Royal Guard seems really cool on paper but I feel like a damn goon waiting on an enemy to attack.


More than any other character you really need to unlock as many of his combos as possible to stay fresh early on. On the bright side: his NG+ options make him an S machine


I definitely think Son of Sparda should’ve been available from the start since it feels more like DMC level difficulty but I don’t mind since my replay has the live-action cutscenes and all the little cute things they added like the enemy death pictures.

I wish more games other than character action knew how to make engaging difficulty levels that weren’t just “enemy does more damage, you do less”.



Yeah, once Nero gets his buster back it opens up alot of new things for him to play with and build style. In a way it kinda feels like cheating after having to go through the whole game without it and feeling dissonant in the narrative at earlier points. I should probably get the deluxe add on and play with the mocap cutscenes just so I can keep my brain out of it and just go with it.