Heather, who is a much better critic


I feel that, am extremely pleased with it - just a hard dude to satisfy till I gush praises, my own long tempered want combs with a certain scrutiny. Like on one hand I’m internally 9-9.5/10? Ehh I don’t know, but if anyone with a taste for the genre/presentation rates it below 8, I’d be like how???


Still working through and my RB button just broke… I have some spare controllers, but still damn, every try playing this game without RB? Talk about a challenge.


are there any other RE engine games confirmed in development? because they’re 3/3 in a major way so far


RE 1, 2 and?




Fun fact the DMC anime is free on PSN right now if you look it up on the store.


oh and am I the only one who doesn’t understand how changing your lock on is supposed to work? the prompts implied you can click the stick to cycle targets but that does nothing for me. I just let go of R1 for a moment and then retarget someone new, which works fine for the most part


Is there much overlap between staff of these three games because I just can’t imagine a AAA industry company in 2019 having three whole teams that are each ON FIRE with raw talent, delivering solidly 9/10 (at minimum, I think they’re all 10s) games as what’s happened here

I know I’m not saying much here besides I just love these three games and all for very different reasons but I got high so

Capcom’s been doing holy work here, and I hope their working conditions aren’t terrible.

edit: spent hours feeling guilty about this post as cheerleading but unable to bring myself to do anything to it


I think the left stick has to be centered for the click to register. I hope that’s not the case because it’s awful, but it might just be.


As with RE2 they offer a decent bundle of items as DLC (or w/Deluxe edition), and while a $15 price point seems a bit much I can’t deny the fun of additional classic battle tracks for use, style announcers, a few skins, etc.

Most of all: the hilarious and insightful mocap/behind the scenes clips, which you can option to have in place of most of the big cutscenes. Def worth a watch.

Nice redone comp of the ones from 3, scenes with Lady and Jester are still kind of my favs. Good shit


my immediate reaction after playing through the first v chapter is devil may cry with new funky mode


Yeah, I am the sucker who totally bought the Deluxe edition, and the mocap cutscenes are amazing. The first scene, the intro where Nico is driving the van and flips it over and Nero jumps out and does DMC shit, is enacted using a combination of a cardboard van pulled on a string, two actors sitting in a barren set, and best of all, some action figures on sticks. My second playthrough will definitely just have these cutscenes on instead of the (pretty great) normal ones.

Also the MegaBuster arm replacing one of Nero’s animations with the Megaman slide and allowing him to MegaMan Death Animation is pretty great.

I am on mission 16 and would be further, except my carpal tunnel was screaming at me after playing for a bit yesterday, so I took a break.

Dante feels great, and his weapon loadout is perfect. The hat is the best (I only wish they had gone full PS2 Shinobi on the scarf). Kalina Ann coming back is the best. Everything is the best. This feels so good after DmC’s shitfest.


When I said V was short for Virgil, I thought I was joking.


I’ve also played all three in the past like two months and each time I made the decision to do so like two days in advance of the purchase, I wasn’t really pre-hyped at all

I think next time I may have to be though


Potential late game spoiler.


Devil Finger


Flock off, feather face


holy shit is v reading calvin and hobbes