yeah I got SSS pretty trivially in level 5 at one point, just gotta get the big guy out for a while and chain your finishers


Gotta share this again here, still wild how it’s captured mid battle and looks arguably better than your average cutscene. Nuts


is that an Ansel thing? how do the captures work?


Just Photo Mode on the pause screen, playing PS4 Pro 3840 x 2160 originally then halved down. I don’t think there’s any filters or options other than moving the camera around. PC players likely have other stuff available, maybe mod-wise. Posted more in the Den thread.


I also like this game’s approach to justifying the more titillating parts: make every character constantly alarmed by the sexual tension


There should be a counter for smirks and grit teeth

I imagine this has the most among Deep Action genre, while Bayonetta has some real eyes going on.


The first time I whipped out Sweet Surrender (one of the dlc/limited edition dbreakers) I was like ok it heals but what’s up with that constant noise?



Yeah Nico makes a what I thought was a sex joke when she whips it out for the first time. But now I know it was only a massage joke, phew


also Nico and Nero seem very very concerned that one of them might accidentally come on to the other which is a wonderful dynamic

I’ll be disappointed if it builds to an actual meet cute rather than “everyone in the DMC universe is much too sexy to the point of it being a known liability and they’re trying desperately to keep things professional”


I don’t think I’ve seen this mutual I’m sexy and I know it and I don’t want anything from you dynamic anywhere else in games, it’s delightful


there’s a claim I haven’t personally verified that it’s referenced in the exec file as “Kyrie Breaker (キリエブレイカー)”



I mean “make everyone a pansexual neurotic to try to make your game’s horniness less problematic” is exactly what I would do with this budget but still boooo


oh wow

Dante’s moveset when you get him is immensely satisfying


the updated version of sonic mania still hasn’t been cracked. the version of re7 with dlc wasn’t ever cracked, etc. I don’t know that I’d call it being “reliably” cracked.


like I still remember what it felt like to use the balrog for the first time in 2001 and this just fucking nailed it

my goodwill is peaking


that’s fair – you know I’m in favour of games being eventually obtainable via piracy because I think it’s the only sensible and non-co-optable solution to culture being accessible to people who can’t/won’t pay for it – but I can’t quite get on board with trying to make that argument via “see, it loses 5% of CPU performance over 120FPS!” because at that point it’s like … proving that denuvo is if anything more performant than I thought.


“scene groups can’t track versioned releases adequately” is a whole separate issue


This is the best looking/feeling/running game I’ve ever played at 120FPS. It looks/feels/runs better than it needs to or has any right to. It is a primal and sublime videogaming pleasure.


yeah, like: even if the level design is pretty flat and the starting difficulty is too easy and the new character who has his own ambitious valkyrie profile style combat system is even moreso, this is a very likable and generous and polished release and it’s great that they’ve managed to even trade blows with their best work here and there after like 15 years during which it seemed like there was no reason to expect anything other than remasters and reboots

it would’ve been a respectable sequel in 2009 so the fact that it happened to have come out in 2019 and is the very model of a modern PC game is all the better


the kotaku review by gita jackson specifically calls out this game as having a cast where absolutely everyone has fucked