the arms are meant to be fully disposable which took me an hour or so to get used to as well, you’re better off buying slots to hold all the ones you’ll find than ever buying more arms


Yeah, the Breakers being disposable are a way to make the Red Orb economy still feel like they’re worth something after you’ve gotten all the things you can unlock with them. Dante even gets a weapon that is powered by Red Orbs but also rewards more Rorbs with the right attacks. Speaking of orbs, I really do miss how they used to fly towards you instead of just kinda popping like crystals to indicate that you picked them up.


yeah I think the number of novel and somewhat unintuitive mechanics actually keeps it from feeling more off brand than it does

like this is the first time this team has done this in a decade and their approach was to put a fair few permutations on top of the recognizable fundamentals and that keeps it from feeling like a cover act


I’m not disputing that games are now more full of stuff than ever but this FOMO stuff still is a bummer. I really don’t want to be in the shoes of AAA game peddlers because I don’t know what I’d do differently in this market place and turbo capitalist economy where you just have to make more and more profits by any means necessary or your ass is grass. So they have my sympathy. I just don’t like it as a consumer.


By Mission 18, the plot developed as generally expected, I can still dig it. Current boss fight is back to DMC1 fan catering, but it’s good shit and I’d really like this to clear the series board.

I’ve only died like three times and that just means gold orb usage to refill while boss damage remains. which I must have ~20 of them. Sure I’m a “skilled” series vet but this should’ve had more push back on any first time player. Between the enemies and maybe a terrain hazard or few. The enemies with punishing or tricky behaviors if you rush in can still be steamrolled quite easily.


yeah they really should’ve had a higher difficulty unlocked from the get-go

this is a really nice bit of work honestly but I think I have it slightly below RE2make and AC7


I take it back the big boss stages are just Bayonetta

this is like dessert may cry


i cant quite get the hang of v and the faster bosses, the nightmare riding boss took me like twenty minutes because chadwik boseman refused to get close enough to him to deal damage reliably but nero is stil lthe greatest


the way this game leans so heavily on sepf ferencing strange bits of DMC lore and the first game is so great in a very capcom way


morrisons comment about “when i first met dante he called himsepf tony redgrave…and where in redgrave city” in a way that has not been meaningfully adressed yet is :kissing_heart:


I have been informed that you can unlock the next difficulty step early by beating the boss in the Prologue, which is an alternate ending to the game.

You are now aware that this game is a masterpiece.


Kylow Rent


I wondered if this was doable, Very cool.


I refuse to use the Gold Orbs and I just respawn from the checkpoints, which are sensibly placed as you’d expect and provide the standard amount of pushback. I died like 4 times on the Mission 2 boss, which is a pretty sweet Dark Souls homage (feels like the Asylum Demon + Taurus Demon combined).


In past entries I very rarely used yellow and never gold, just avoiding the effect on score. This time I did because they’re ample and death felt like a minor inconvenience more than setback effecting score. Though I’m sure it does, I got nearly all A and S a couple Bs anyways.

I realize it sounds like a whine from the hardcore angle but taking into account series history, and the way V pleases so much other fan expectation, that “too easy” is ringing throughout the audience speaks to something.

I’m glad the combat variety and control are so superbly crafted by now that it stays engaging anyways, but going through a first time and feeling like there’s no showstopper enemy types or bosses, with so many of the blue/purple fragments + gold orbs just a couple hops away, they definitely went overly safe with some stuff.


That you can reach an S Rank with V barely trying, even just killing a few enemies basically works against the satisfaction of actually achieving and maintaining that on screen. Love the character and combat concept they just did not hone it right. Fortunately for Dante and Nero it just takes some work but not too far out of reach.

I’m sure my disappointment with those things will recede in the harder modes.


I did a bit of credit feeding near the end on the King Cerebrus fight and Virgil fight because I was kinda just bulldogging my way through just so I could get the then and let the real DMC start.Wasn’t really feeling the Cerebrus fight mostly because I couldn’t figure out any gimmicks to create any openings for big damage so it kinda felt like a slog. I did manage to find an attack string that let me lock down Virgil for a bit. Do combo A with Rebellion/Dante then use DT to do stinger with the piercing effect and hope it will break his guard. Rinse repeat for as long as DT will allow


right now it’s in a weird place for me where it’s impossible not to recommend to fans of the series/genre but it also feels fairly insubstantial. it’s definitely closer to Bayonetta 1 than any other DMC game too.

better than DMC2/4 or Bayo2 at that point then but on paper that still puts it shy of the top tier and it almost has too much going for it for that? idk

it is too easy to make progress but these rating systems have always made just barely scraping by feel awful so I feel like they knew what they were doing with that, it’s just not necessarily the solution I’d have chosen

that mission 2 boss is mostly a pain because you most likely won’t have any abilities unlocked by then that make you anything other than helpless in the air so if you make the mistake of jumping when his back isn’t to you then you get beat up

I do like that one of the breaker arms is just the god hand


That’s what I’m trying to see clearly, why all this refinement and effort to culminate or capstone “the Sons of Sparda cycle” can be so pleasing yet leave more than a little to be desired.

3: Dante’s Awakening somewhat like Snake Eater showed incredible progress in nearly every technical sense, with an opportunity to flesh out the history and world prequel style. Define and build toward “what will come to be”. Less baggage, a lot of creativity. And they’re both largely revered as definitive or peak entries. With how many years had passed til DMCV got the go ahead, I imagine a lot of the process soon centered on “give them what they want”.

In one of Dante’s missions after reaching a series of qliphoth sacks to break, so blood can flow down stream to a fountain-mechanism below, he says something to the effect of “whew can’t remember the last time I had to use my brain that much” and while I laughed I was also like “that barely constitutes a puzzle more than finding/placing parasite bugs”. I can only assume they tried to cut anything more involved and environment related as “fat” but I personally find it kinda lazy. They did go all out on everything else.


You have the Gerbera Breaker by that point and that lets you play the ground is lava with that boss. You can dash away when you see a swing coming and then dash right back in to get back to hacking.