Apex Legends

i’ve been enjoying this game (on PC). i only play lifeline because lifeline is cool.

let’s play online together! edit this post to add your name below if you so choose!

Origin (PC):
@meauxdal - meauxdal
@Alterity - DubiousTag
@parker - CoffinEdJohnson
@FrequentPilgrim - FrequentPilgrim
@Gate88 - GateEightyEight

@sponkmonkey - Sponkmonkey
@vikram - macrobes
@shrug - ironcupshrug
@MintyJuffowup - Recurrent_I

I’m playing on PS4 occasionally.

edit: my psn is the same as here, so.

Are there any legendary pecs

Huh, there used to be an article

but now the help article is a redirect.

Go here then you can edit your name in the basic info section.

Maybe in the future I can change the gender of my Destiny character (or, better yet, have a robot without a gender pls thanks Bungie)

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I’m on PS4 but I’m a bit nervous sharing my PSN

fuck yes i changed my origin ID to ‘meauxdal’ so now y’all can just send me a friend request! and i’ll accept!

origin sucks!

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Having not played CODBLOPS @meauxdal can you tell me how the UI/interface in this game compares to BO4? In the other thread you mentioned you liked the vehicles in Black Ops. Are there any other aspects you think are superior?

i haven’t played blackout enough to know for sure, but the time-to-kill is significantly shorter in that game. dunno if that’s cause for it being “better”, but it usually means less downtime and more chaos. less of the cat-and-mouse you get in this game sometimes where you can’t quite take someone down before they can regroup and heal/revive/etc. BO4’s guns are also maginally better than the ones in AL, though i think i like the meaty SFX of AL more.

but really it’s mostly the vehicles i miss. taking big jumps in a four-wheeler is hard to go without! well, that and this game forces 3v3, whereas in BO4 you can do duos. duos is really fun and i miss that too!

all that said, i think the possibility of respawning in this game makes things more interesting. i don’t even know what the abilities do in BO4, tbh, but i do like the abilities in AL thus far.

i mean, if anyone wants to play some duos with me on PC blackout, i can come up with a better comparison! i need more time with both games, but especially blackout.

as far as the UI specifically, idk, these modern UIs largely blend together. i don’t really like AL’s UI, though. the menus in particular are awful to navigate.

oh, oh, the ping system! blackout doesn’t have that, and it’s great. this game also has (currently) far less skilled players. blackout, maybe by nature of not being free, is more likely to torment you with non-stop deaths while you’re learning the ropes. AL is a little more forgiving because the playerbase is not quite as high-skill at this exact moment in time, based on my brief time with both games. hell, i actually won a game in AL and have never come close in blackout

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i didn’t know any game in 2019 used the source engine but apparently apex legends is based on a ‘modified source engine’

and you can’t even play it on steam, haha

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Engines are weird like that.

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i sent you a friend requessssst

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I think I really like this game? but I can’t imagine getting into it as a long term thing. I might just like it bc my team won the second match I ever I played. got nice pink and purple skin for the robot and imo the zipline is the easiest ability to cause shenanigans with, so I’ll probably only play that character if possible.

i really like this game even tho all my wins are from lv20+s carrying me. i mostly play bangalore because haircut and explosions but i play lifeline sometimes too

i tell myself my “toss tons of grenades, strategize later” approach is helping flush other squads out but ehhhh

either way, if you like explosions and questionable battle tactics, my psn is thevinculumgate. i’m usually around 7-10ish PST

have I ever told you about Titanfall 2

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I might play some with ya meauxdal. I’m macrobes on PSN. I’m not good though, still learning like, what the buttons do.

I got a shotgun kill within about 30 seconds of loading my very first game, which was encouraging. the next two attempts were highly unsuccessful

is this game crossplay PC to PS4?

It’s a planned feature, but not yet implemented.

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im playing on playstation 4 (sad-rave)

i won one of my first few games? not really got too close many times since

great now I’m going to constantly mix this game up with Astral Chain

I played this game for 5 minutes and was immediately murdered, will try again later.