Apex Legends


i just lost a fistfight to XxweedmanxX


On one hand, I love the slow gathering and get your shit together of landing in an isolated location and such.

But on the other, slap fights with panicking randos is a blast.


I punched a guy to death for the winning kill two days ago, and it was very satisfying! A teammate was keeping him busy.


my origin thing is cammyslime

let’s gun sports

still can’t get past the first screen on this game

So uh is there not a practice mode? I thought there was a practice mode.

from what I saw there’s a brief ‘demonstrate the controls’ sequence but no firefight practice mode

I’ve been playing the shit outta this game. I think it is excellent. Battle royale was always a good game design and now finally someone made one that doesn’t feel like shit. In fact it feels amazing. It still looks pretty ugly but not nearly as ugly as unity asset store survival game or dreamworks meme clown game.
Ngl I bought some packs.
I’m on psn and in Australia, if you are too then message me for my psn name and we can blast some dudes, or at least run around and not see anyone for 10 minutes. I have another mate I often play with so we can even get a 3 person squad going probably.

I’ve played a few rounds and enjoying it. Actually won a game where my squad and I got lucky and barely encountered anyone.

Haven’t really used anyone’s ult yet and wish I could try someone’s abilities without picking them for a real game.

Made top 4 being Very Cautious until I got impatient and kicked a door in when the arena was very small and got smged in the face.

I’d ask if this is the thrill the kids are talking about but there don’t seem to be any dance emotes so it must not be?

finally met the soldier who’s an (apex) legend on the battlefield


I played one of my better rounds with PSN user FreeElChapo30 who seemed to know what they were doing.


Tried playing this earlier and my first game had both my teammates disconnect before we jumped, presumably because they didn’t want to play with a level 1 player with 0 kills. Love multiplayer team games.

Hmm I wouldn’t take that too personally. I played several hours yesterday (also a scrub) and that didn’t happen once, generally my teammates have been good about trying to revive me too after I inevitably get killed.

I like the revive mechanics a lot btw. There’s a lot of room to recover if you get killed which makes it less frustrating when it happens.

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That happened to me once and I took the opportunity to jump solo into a hot zone to get some practice and go out with a bang. I somehow got two kills (out of my total of like 5 lol, most games I get zero).

I felt the same way though, it’s a bit humiliating to be bad as a random in games like this. You’re bad not only in front of opponents but also in front of teammates who depend on you, and it feels like I’d need to swallow my pride for like 50 hours before I started feeling respectable. This is my first BR and I haven’t played a PvP shooter since Quake 3. I think I’m probably pretty average on the scale of everyone who might consider playing a game like this (as opposed to the folks actually playing a lot), so I don’t quite understand how so many people put up with this enough for this genre to be as popular as it is. (To answer my own question, I suppose it helps that Fortnite seems to be mainly played solo?)

I played H1Z1 for a while and I found it so frustrating and difficult–like what you said, it felt like I needed to put 100 hrs in to be competitive.

Apex, to its credit, is far more forgiving I think. It at least doesn’t make me straight up angry, possibly because the pacing is a lot better, there’s always less downtime in the beginning. It doesn’t feel like as much of a waste of time as H1 did for me.

I know I was trashing BR earlier but eh, this is fun for the moment!


Re: interaction of pacing and difficulty, I find that I can usually hold my own during an early game fight in the drop zone, but if we drop in a quiet area and have the first fight 10 minutes in, that first fight tends to be a complete disaster. I think it’s a mix of not understanding the approach-and-engage aspect of BR (a skillset which is largely unique to this genre), and being more likely to run into sharks who have already wiped one or two other teams by then.

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For older players maybe, but I think the large younger slice of the audience uses Fortnite more as a sandbox/social space than they care about the game itself, and then they’re more likely to be in groups.

This is more or less how I feel about MOBAs as well. The only way to truly learn how to play a MOBA is to play with other people against other people, but the second you boot into a game with other strangers, they will yell at you in chat for not knowing how to play and then nobody’s having fun. At least unlike other BRs, this one has a ping system so you can actually communicate in a limited fashion without needing to enable voice chat and have insults hurled at you.


the game is horribly buggy and i get frequent crashes to the home screen after character select. i wouldn’t take it personally, there’s a good chance they didn’t mean to drop