ok now I’m curious

would this forum support a dedicated apex legends thread?

for the record it isn’t really better than BO4’s blackout*. it’s just free. so there are people i can actually play with on PC!

it is pretty good though. won my first match last night with my brother and one of his friends. i’m “composerzane” on origin, sadly (can you change this???).

i want an apex legends thread!

*to clarify, it is way fucking better than fortnite. it just doesn’t have blackout’s vehicles, which are hilarious and chaotic and beautiful.

PS i love lifeline so much


Do it.

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Last night my PS4 downloaded Apex Legends because apparently I have to be a part of the zeitgeist.

Haven’t played it yet.

yeah def do it, then maybe i can play with y’all

ok i made an apex legends thread

every single goddamned time I read patch notes for Paladins I get angry over how much more they give a shit

cross-play and progression for all the systems (not you PS4)? fuck man

anyone playing metro???

I’ll get to it eventually, I think, but I’m on sort of a no-games-buying lockdown until I clear some backlog

Not yet but god do I love post-apoc not-America

Set the next Fallout in China you cowards

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Todd Howard’s Maoist Mambo

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rapha streaming quake champions. someone tell me about this game? is quake alive in 2019?

speaking of FPS legends from days gone by, fata1ity apparently into apex legends nowadays

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rapha was streaming qc a ton over the summer, there was a brief spark of interest around the time it went f2p but they had a string of bad patches and the already tiny playerbase fell off big time

it’s a shame, they got the movement down - the ‘medium’ weight class champions handled exactly like q3 but there was a bunch of weird shit going on (a quad rail isn’t a guaraneed kill in a few circumstances) and the netcode was bad

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both rapha and fata1ity were streaming QC back went it went public last year and it looked good and it was pretty great seeing rapha move away from OW (seriously how the hell do you make a Quake god play support)

I do know that QC event streams pop up, they still get a decent amount of people watching but I think a lot of that is just momentum from the Quake community and not any kind of endorsement to its quality

it does have a really good remake of ztndm3 at least



get a load of this guy

doesn’t buy ASRock motherboards

oh god don’t take this seriously