(fps thread 2019)

do people still play destiny? is it good?
how did Apex Legends get astroturfed into being the hip new battle royale game?
when will cory booker do the fortnite dance?
when will valve unban the ex-iBuyPower squad from CSGO majors?
where is gun gal?

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Be the gun gal!


yes and the answer is complicated


I want to play Destiny again but I have no time.

yeah how are there millions of people playing this thing that didn’t exist last week

It is better than Fornite and free.

It was instantly really big on Twitch. It indicates a certain amount of “outreach” to streamers


Destiny is good. The Forsaken expansion is the best it’s been. It is also a good way to be a gun gal.

if you have 5+ people to play with destiny can be great

there’s been some hype in the quake community for nu-doom 2’s multi ever since they announced it wouldn’t be outsourced this time, probably setting ourselves up for disappointment

i’m fully commited to being a “quakeworld and super turbo are the peak of their respective genres” type well into old age now i think

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I had this idea a long time ago of galaxy odditying every fps with a female protagonist but got very lazy


The first Destiny gave me a repetitive strain injury in my trigger finger (I like scout rifles)

I have base Destiny Too thanks to PSPlus but I’m reluctant to do that to myself again.

Apex Legends is probably the first truly good battle royale game. (The COD game might have it beat on that but I didn’t play it). They actually gave a shit, put some thought in it, and it’s competently made and polished. I guess it’s massive because it’s free to play and came as a surprise - that actually benefited it - plus Respawn has a lot of pedigree, pulling in another, wholly different crowd as well.

Gameplay reminds me more of R6 Siege than anything else really

Yeah this is it I think. I heard multiple very popular streamers say they were invited to try the game months early and give feedback on how the game should work.

Also big name releasing a free 1.0 non-alpha non-early access polished game probably has something to do with it too.

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I’d like to remind everyone that Blackout also had 2x the viewership Fortnite did on Twitch for the first two weeks following launch, and Apex Legends has only been out for 4 days, so it is too early to tell if it will decimate Fortnite even if it is the better game.

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I don’t think Fortnite will go away soon. I don’t think Apex can replace in the cultural zeitgeist and I wouldn’t want it to get that big anyway. A lot of ugly stuff comes with that. I’d prefer it if it just stays populated so I can play it and it’s got a community but it’s not this huge phenomenon with stupid dances and lawsuits attached to it. I want Respawn to have a success so they get EA off their back and can do whatever they want though

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I mean I’m absolute shit at the game. I played a couple of matches and got exactly zero kills. I blame that on playing it through parsec (extra lag) and my broken Internet connection (I actually got a dead stream in my cable) mostly but I still suck at it. It’s still fun




this looks like it would give me motion sickness

just reminds me to play Devil Daggers tbh

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