Games You Played Today: Actress Again: Current Code (Part 1)

Hello, I’ve been addicted to Apex for the past two weeks or so. I really like how you play in teams of three. I have a group of friends that rotate through the game so it always feels fresh to play with a different make up of people. One of my friends has a habit of wandering very far away from the rest of us. Another plays as Leeroy Jenkins.

I think I’m alone in that I kind of like the character designs. I mean, for avatars that you can’t really see for the most part, they have pleasant colors and ~vibes~. Crypto with this “Hypebeast” costume is so gaudy that I must have it:

Maybe I’m okay with the characters because they are as annoying as I am. Love to repeat exactly what each character says right after they say it.


just seconding the position that apex is fantastic!

now that i have a computer that runs the game well, i’ve been playing a handful of matches pretty much every day for a while now. i also like many of the designs, specially some of the legendary skins for characters* and weapons. i also like the banner thingy, it’s cute. maybe there could be distance-related issues, but i wouldn’t mind trying to play w people here anytime . . .

*that is, except for bloodhound; their cool skins are never available to purchase or craft :pensive:


I got drawn in by the train so I’ve played upwards of 40 games of Apex this week? Olympus is such a great map, it might be my favorite FPS map design ever. A lot of the systems changes and refinements that have taken place in the year since I last played it are fantastic, and I’ve been having a hell of a good time


i don’t play apex but i could watch aka play apex all day

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I didn’t know so many people were playing Apex now. Add me, I’m Recurrent_I

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there IS a thread for apex f y’alls i

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aka and iTemp are my favorite apex buddies to watch

I’m playing Zelda Link’s awakening for the switch and I’m maybe kind of ready to kill the New Sacred Cow.

I don’t mean Zelda LA. I’m talking about… Videogame Dioramas. Maybe it’s time to stop them.

Anyway I’m not 100% onboard with how the game looks but it’s very competent. What was once simple geometry because of the gameboy’s limitations is now still simple geometry but with hyper-realistic diorama textures / lightning. This creates an intentional artificiality that feels at odds with the game’s original version, which was more subtle about the island’s fakeness. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing though; revisiting this Theme Park version of my memory of the original game has been cool

The color dungeon originally added to the DX GBC version is the best, the vibe is 100% « Look what we can do now that we have the power of image ! »

Is anything in videogames truly as good as throwing these enemies into their respective color-coded hole, I’m not sure



i like apex but i’ve played literally one game and i won it so i feel like i can never play it again


That’s how I feel about craps. Played once, made $50 and now I can never play again or the house will win


Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap is so frustrating holy shit. But I do sort of appreciate its structure. I got this game for my little nephew because I figured it’d be a pretty straightforward platformer that maybe he could grow into but damn I did the kid a disservice I think.


i bought 2 scratch tickets once, won $50 on the first and zip on the second, and have refused to buy another one since

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I don’t remember ever successfully killing a single other player when I played apex


i’m of the opinion that this game needs to run at 60FPS to actually look good.

i know we’ve had debates about frames, here at, but in this case i think the effect of the game’s look simply doesn’t work well when it’s constantly dropping frames.


You could just get him to play as me and my brother always did as kids, and just use the WE5T-0NE cheat every time to get full hearts, all equipment and access to all animal forms to just explore the whole game freely

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i just made a mildly amusing discovery in asuka 120% burning fest final: if you win a round by time out as megumi and your opponent is standing right next to you, your win pose will hit them and count as a 3-hit combo


I can relate to this. Took a long time for me to feel comfortable with the game! I mean I suspect it’s because we’re playing against kids who’ve played fortnite their entire conscious lives but also I find when I do well in Apex it doesn’t have much to do with my shooting ability.

BRs, and Apex specifically, is way more about movement and awareness and tactics and caution than it is about shooting. In BRs you win by only engaging in fights where you have the advantage, and avoiding or fleeing or regrouping in fights when you’re disadvantaged.

This is extremely hard to do when you start, because the mechanics that are front and center are all about equipment and guns and aiming and shooting but it’s ultimately a game about movement and reading situations. It’s about providing covering fire while your teammate heals. It’s about looping around the back when they spot you out front. It’s about sneaking up on the enemy even when you spot them far away because your team has shotguns and SMGs.

The pacing and the flow of a match was completely foreign to me for a very long time. The only multiplayer shooters I’ve played extensively are like Quake and Halo and the risk assessment and decision making in games with quick respawns is almost completely different.

That said, the best advice I can give for Apex shooting is to slow down and take your time. Apex has a long time to kill and reloads make it take even longer. The extra time you spend aiming to make sure you hit is nothing compared to the time it takes to reload. It’s very likely the person you’re fighting is freaking out and just spraying bullets, so stay calm and make your shots count.

Sorry for the effort post cause I think I’ve undermined the “I feel you” sentiment I originally meant to send!


I agree with this. A note on careful aiming: I’m a philistine who uses a controller. The game has different settings for analog speed zones (I don’t know what to call them). It started to feel much better when I switched to “fine aim” and very sensitive analog controls.

although for better or worse i think the fine-shooting is actually v important because of the weird angles you take engagements at and how firefights are this continuous strafe-dancing, i agree w this a lot, too.

this is made clear by the armor system. you’re incentived to be aggressive so you can raise your armor’s level. however, since time-to-kill is so long (unless you can dump whole magazines without missing), engagements happen in turns: you exchange clips w your adversary, then you make a decision on wether to push or retreat. most of the time, regardless of the choice, you’ll have a breather to heal and reposition. your opponent will be probably doing the same thing. then you shoot at each other again, but under different conditions.

it’s got a pleasant flow to it. good game pew pew

this is also how you win in real life. in videogames with no consequences though it’s even harder to not want to have the wild west showdown