Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I have felled the four beasts and am thinking about making an attempt on Ganon now to see the rest of the story, and then restarting a new game on master mode and making that my main file to dive deep on the rest of it.

I really like just exploring the landscape but everything is just a tad too easy. I know master mode would make every boss killed or heart container obtained actually meaningful and make the exploration itself into just as much of a challenge. But I still want to “finish” this save file first in some way, so I hope I’m strong enough to defeat Ganon.


My plan is to try out Master Mode and all the other little features of DLC1 when they release DLC2. Will hopefully be enough new stuff then to keep things fresh.


This is absolutely the correct plan. I couldn’t hold myself back from continuing to play back in March, so now I’ve pumped like 130 hours into my normal difficulty save file and am loathe to do it all again on hard :frowning:


I smashed ganon a few days ago after about…40 hours? Jumped into Hard Mode right after and yeah, it’s been good. I’ve already found one shrine I hadn’t encountered before, and the difficulty jump is great.


i beat every shrine before the DLC was announced :grimacing:

i’ll definitely play it again when DLC #2 drops later this year but i sure as heck won’t be doing that again


I’ve done almost half the shrines! I will totally do them all over again though just for that tunic of the wild! because it just wouldn’t be a Zelda game without it right.

I just got home and am going to attempt Ganon tonight. I need to gather some ingredients and make some meals first though because I am plumb out of everything.


Just noticed this:


I beat Ganon. It took me a while longer than it should have because I forgot that I could parry his laser attacks (and I’d been avoiding guardians so I never had a reason to really learn it).

That was a good game! It’s easily in my top three for game of the year and will likely stay there for the rest of the year. (Snake Pass and Prey are my other two, if you were wondering)

Note to self for master mode: Learn how to parry consistently in general combat.


this game is like, the best open world game ive played, it actually feels like, lived in


On Eventide Island, I accidentally knocked the highest orb off the cliff with a bomb intended for a monster. I spent a lot of time trying to get it back up using various methods, with no luck.

A targeted bombing got me the closest, but the blast was much too strong and the orb ended up in the water on the other side of the island every time.

This eventually gave me the idea that the orb’s position might reset based on distance, and I blasted it way out into the water. This worked, but it felt cheap since I probably could have got it back up there eventually some other way.


Playing master mode. Doing the thing where you kill the three bokoblins to get the Maracas back for tree boy. Ran in with my horse, let horse be a distraction while I take out two of them. Horse kicks the third bokoblin off a cliff but…it doesn’t die.

I spent the next 5 minutes dropping bombs on it to try and knock it into the nearby river so I could open the chest. I actually thought it was great.


Bleah, I had blasted an orb way out into the water by accident, couldn’t see it anymore, and just reloaded to the beginning of Eventide instead of checking to see if it had respawned in its original location.


i blasted an orb too, but resting at a fire fixed it


This made me laugh out loud

Edit : fuck I didn’t even read the next line


Random NPC dialogue is just so good in this one. Up there with Dragon Quests.


When I reached the Yiga hideout, I remembered that someone in this thread had said something about an annoying stealth segment. I was surprised to get through the area with no problem. I even discovered that after reaching the end the place became deserted and I could go back and pick up all the treasure I had skipped.

Tonight I learned that I had been mistaken in assuming that was the annoying stealth part. As for the real thing, I don’t think I’m going to bother trying to finish it. One thing I appreciate about it, however, is the “Halfway there!” comment that just has to be an attempt to infuriate the player.

Edit: Okay, I might as well admit to myself that of course I’m going to keep at it until I finish it. Though I can’t say the same for that golf shrine (the only one that remains orange on my map).


oh man I loved the golf shrine even though the touch controls were a nightmare in cemu

I did in fact finish the game without doing the gerudo stuff tho


Stealth trick: bombs are as good as bananas


Oh, what I meant was that I had no problem at all with the Yiga stealth part. It was quite easy. What I’m having trouble with is following the Korok kid through the forest. He always gets me when the wolf appears.


Oh nvm I had wayyyy more trouble with the part you already did