Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Sending you positive vibes and some aloe vera Broco.


my third horse was white and smol so i named him prompto and that’s my story


It looks better on a horse anyway


Good Game.


I’ve been playing this for almost a week straight and I still haven’t gone to see Impa in Kakariko Village.

I almost have enough hearts to get the Master Sword!


Y’all play that Master Trial yet? I just beat the first segment of it. It was hard!! Of course, I also had to readjust to playing it after a bunch of Nier.

It’s basically that island where they take your stuff, except more linear and with way less food.


Finished my fourth dungeon last night. Trying to decide if I want to go for Ganon or find more shrines.

I could wreck Ganon at this point


Go wreck him! Also, have you gotten all of the memories??


Nope! I have 6 left


Does getting all the memories unlock something? I found it kind of tedious to search out all those spots.


Personally I found that questline to be very rewarding! The story isn’t like… “good”… but as a conceptual/formal element of the game I think it’s super satisfying and important (and I enjoyed finding them a lot, it almost reminded me of the secret puzzles in The Witness).

I think the ending is different if you get all of them, but I haven’t seen how it is otherwise.

If you’re having trouble, here’s a hint about one: there’s one in Hyrule castle


After playing through Great Plateau back at launch I set this aside until the promised Hard mode. Woke up at 5 this morning from a chirping cat, checked for updates, downloaded the DLC, and got started.

This is exactly what I want. It’s hard enough that I need to use every resource and survival tool available; I scope out the smallest Bokoblin camp and think about approaches before starting; I’m forced to take every clever encounter tool they build in. I’ve climbed the backside of a cliff to sneak up to a treasure chest because I couldn’t deal with the black Bokoblin guarding it. I ran away from a black Lynel hanging out in the beech forest! (the woodsman should really take care of that)

Stolen weapons don’t last one enemy; if I grab a Boko club I get about 70% of the way through a Bokoblin. Tree branches get me about 20% through. Swords are much better and can take care of 2-4 Bokoblins. Enemies also regenerate; after about 5 seconds(!), at about 5%/sec. So using the Skull cave bomb trap, I deal about 80% damage to the two blue Bokoblins and 30% to the black one, I have to run in and try to wreck the blue guys before the black one oneshots me from behind.

Lot of finding scenarios I’ll return to later, creating a textured push-pull of exploration you only get when the difficulty’s cranked up in something like Dark Souls or a *-Shock game.


I’d kind of written off the Zelda series after Twilight Princess, though that game had its moments (such as the Cave of Ordeals and that one dungeon where you ride the Spinner along the tracks).

But after getting a Wii U with Breath of the Wild from a friend who had highly recommended the game, I decided to try it out. And I have been playing it way too late every night.

As Felix mentioned, I like that you never need to worry about whether you have a required tool yet for a puzzle.

I also like just exploring the world aimlessly and coming across surprises. Because I haven’t really bothered following roads, I’ve discovered some things later than I might have otherwise, such as what to do with all of the seeds I’d been finding. And I just got the camera last night after repeatedly visiting and the wrong tower and wondering what I was missing. I stumbled upon and revived all three great fairies very early on, though.

I have not done any of the major dungeons yet, and I’m in no big hurry to do so.


Ahem. :wink:


Well, I also found the horse one, if that’s what you mean.

One thing I found amusing is that because you can climb anything, the best they could come up with for the edge of the world was a pop-up error message.

Shadow of Destiny at least used a dog.


The Master Mode is incredible so far. Just got off the plateau - had to resort to knocking Bokoblins off cliffs with bombs because none of my weapons could handle them. Also shot a beehive to distract an archer that was trying to murder me. There’s a fucking Lynel in the first area!!

It’s really making me go stealth a lot more, and I’m running away from lots of conflicts simply because I don’t have the tools yet. It’s a nice change to have to rethink the strategies I established before since they don’t work here.

Also foraging a lot more food, since I basically have to heal at every hit.

Loving it.



wait, how did they fuck this up again


good game


I saw a big dark patch on the map and glided in to explore it. And it turned out to be one of my favorite things in the game so far. I also found the Lost Woods right after that but I was not able to take the sword.

I have not been able to find any of the memories yet. I saw that horse statue very early on but I have no idea where it was.