Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Three or four dungeons are quite good: the opening spooky tree, the second fire cave; the buddhist allegory dungeon is incredible and one of their best pieces. Sailing the time ocean is neat but the other time mechanics are pretty poor and don’t have interesting second-order effects like Braid. Way, way too much padding.

The forest zone felt like a managed english garden; exploring it while submerged in the clearest bluest water was wonderful.

The game won’t shut up, the sword controls alternate between fun roleplaying and annoying tedium, the world is cramped for the scope it desires.

The ‘impressionist’ effect is frequently lovely, if you:

  • enjoy sitting too close to CRT’s
  • blowing out graphical shaders
  • insist on running Quake in software mode

here’s a low bar: on release, best Zelda since Wind Waker


The visual style was such that I thought all the black and white specks flickering around the screen were just part of the design or an artefact of shaders being used, until I found out it was just that my Wii’s video card was on the Fritz


Oh, i guess i mostly meant the NPC and enemy design, which i just thought looked really weird and off-putting. I didn’t really remember how the rest of the game looked tbh.
Really all i remember is vague disgruntlement at everything. I went into it wanting it to be really great and it was a tedious letdown.


my sense has always been that skyward sword would be way better if it were structured like mario 64/ sunshine ie 4 areas w multiple star challenges and not sutured linearly and ungainly over a zelda game

i even liked the tadtones bit tbh, i just didn’t like any of the skeleton


To this day I don’t understand why they haven’t taken Mario 64, added a bunch of Zelda items and a bunch of real bosses/challenging enemies.


Dang i’d play the hell out of that. I guess the Divine Beasts kind of do that? On a very small scale. It would be great if Ninty built on that model for dungeons in the next game, whenever the hell that will be.


I think about this every time I see or remember an image of early Zelda 64 development:

And I wanna play it real bad.

Has an indie studio set out to do this instead of just making more post-Ocarina-style Zeldaventures?


I stopped playing Skyward Sword early on because I genuinely didn’t have patience for 1) how slow the text scrolled and 2) how much fucking text there was.

I was kinda into the first dungeon, but just found it so tedious otherwise.


The prize you get for 120 shrines is pretty sweet! Showing up at the final battle with that and the Master Sword and Hylian Shield was very satisfying! Also, easy!

I really like that you can approach Hyrule Castle from so many different angles, literally and figuratively. My trip through was hilariously brief, since there’s a waterfall conveniently placed near that start that it turns out lets you skip like 90% of it. Whoops!

The most memorable part was definitely the first several hours but overall, this is a good-ass video game. Will definitely get the DLC, and probably take a stab at a “low-level” run sometime.


Been playing this for nearly 100 hours and only just found out that you can buy a house and help build a village


I just registered a horse at the Rito stable that I just caught and tamed. It’s a brown horse with a white main, tail and feet. I named it Griselda which is a German name which means “dark battle” or “grey battle” depending on who you talk to, and is the longhand form of the name Zelda.

I’m so clever. I named my horse Zelda but-not-really.

Anyway this game is great!


I named my horses A, B, C, D, E, and F.


You’re such a goddamn techie


I believe you!


I named mine Pantaloon because it looked like it was wearing underpants


I just think it’s the game designers’ job to give color to their identikit Grand Theft Horses, not mine. Calling them letters accurately conveys how much actual personality they have.

I think the best format for this kind of thing is a procedural name generator letting you click a button to rotate among the options until you find one you like (along with text entry for the committed customizers, sure). Blizzard has that system for choosing your public-facing pseudonym in Hearthstone –
two-word pairs like “SuperPants” – and I’ve noticed a lot of people actually use them (was surprising to me, but presumably these are kids raised on real-name social media who never needed to create a pseudonym). Imagine how much more LARPy Dark Souls multiplayer would be if you had to pick your name from a generator like that.


Is this the sickest, most ruthless burn in select button history


I wasn’t really intending it to be but sure I guess?


Hillary Clinton would name her horses numbers

I’ll skulk back to r/neoliberal now and lick my wounds


i’m sorry, i don’t think it’s that weird a thing to do honest, for some reason mr mechanical’s response just read as ice cold to me but now i don’t really know why

anyway, it made me laugh, so perhaps the real numbered horses were the friends we made along the way