Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I guess this is how I get through big games relatively quickly


wiat, felix finished the game with only three korok seeds? what the hell


Felix must play video games like my 8 year old nephew. Just cuts a path straight through to the end. No distractions, no dilly dallying around just right on from point A to B to C to etc. until the credits roll.


did it not drive you mad having such a tiny inventory the whole game


no I love restrictions in games

there were a few times where I had to work out what I had that was flammable and how much so in order to solve a puzzle because I couldn’t be bothered to hang onto a torch but I found that more fun if anything


I also finished the game today.

I had… idk, about 340 or so korok seeds.

3 might be saner than that.

There is no post-Ganon. If you load up your save it is right before the final battle.


Im not doing the final battle until i have all the shrines beaten. I want to steamroll Ganon in classic style


Is this a general Zelda thread now? I thought there already was one but I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, new Mark Brown Zelda dungeon video:


Skyward Sword is probably the Zeld I know the least about–I know it has a bad reputation, but from this video it seems like the dungeons are actually kind of cool? Then at the end he says he still doesn’t like the game, so, what gives? Is it just too overloaded with cutscenes and text boxes and such?


I don’t know, I never played it either! I think it was just peak Zelda.


The controls are terrible for one thing, and the design is excessively linear, and everything about it just feels like a budget, shovelware Zelda clone to me (in regards to design, not production values). I hated it so much.


All that, and the 1:1 motion control sword combat everyone thought they wanted for years turned out to be just a bunch of slow-paced “slash this way, but not this way” puzzle duels

Apparently they learned nothing whatsoever from how much everyone hated Navi because your partner character is somehow worse and more boring

And it looks butt-ugly. Like they literally just smashed up Wind Waker and Twilight Princess art styles.

It had a smattering of interesting ideas but BotW did them much better (it’s amazing how well the stamina circle works compared to what a drag it was in Skyward)


dungeons are the only interesting thing about skyward.

hub town is the worst hub. boring area, terrible tedium in traversing, the lecture you get when you fall off. the game hates you

i don’t agree that it is butt-ugly, though, it has a really cool watercolor vibe in a lot of areas. twilight princess is butt-ugly - feels like there was no unifying vision for the aesthetic other than “grittier than wind waker”. not the case in SS

the controls are ass.


getting inside the dungeons is the worst part of the game, you have to go for some dumb ass easter egg hunt to find all these pieces of a key that opens the door, it’s the worst


Yeah, I didn’t finish the game because of all the bullshit you have to do in the overworld to even get to the dungeons. Once I saw it was a pattern I peaced tf out.


Isn’t its whole thing that the overworld is just another dungeon?


Skyward Sword is pretty and a low-power/poly achievement I think.

Had more fun with it than any of the other pre-BOTW 3D Zeldas, the kinda dungeon/overworld blend areas more satisfying than what came before and perhaps even a neatly bowtie’d elbow in the ribs raise eyebrows raise eyebrows precedent to them actually getting it actually right in BOTW’s entire game is overworld is dungeon epiphany.


Yeah that’s the problem because they are markedly worse dungeons and they have bullshit side-quests to boot.


I even liked swinging the doodad.


I remember the game waits until the fifth or so dungeon before your companion decides to inform you that the puzzle key things you find in every dungeon look like a KEY and maybe you can use it to unlock a DOOR