Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Froth mode activated? Is this finally the big revamp of the Zelda formula that SB has been calling for since ~2005?


Did they entirely abandon the possibility of having the option to play as girl blank slate instead of just boy blank slate because thinking of new roles for one-dimensional characters was too big for human imagination to comprehend


froth end :[


god, what a frustrating paragraph to read

I guess link is kind of androgynous enough to be “linkle” in your headcanon if you really want, but I really don’t understand what the problem would be if link had the option to be female? I get that nintendo is scared of an implied homosexual relationship (which is laughably behind the times), but even given THAT is there even a single zelda game where there’s literally any explicit romance between link and zelda? I think it’s implied they smooch at the end of zelda ii… but that’s it!


that said, for what this is, I think it looks like a huge step in the right direction. if you can truly climb almost any surface, which the trailer suggests you can, man. what a crazy thing to be in a zelda game.


It’s not explicit, but I think it’s implied in Skyward Sword. Sort of. For a little while.

To me it’s pretty clear that Aonuma and co. are following through on very dated prescriptivist ideas about gender and agency. The man is the one who gets things done. Maybe one day Nintendo will enter the 21st century.

As long as it’s not as insufferable as it was in Twilight Princess.


Screaming at my loudest internal decibels at that Aonuma reasoning


the best thing from the Zelda talk in the discord was “who could have imagined ripping off an enemy limb and beating them with it would be in Zelda and not God of War”


Not seeing a damn thing I didn’t have an elegant sufficiency of in Colossus or even Nier

Bring me tricky-ass dungeons without cease, fuck an overworld


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I was going to write down what I’d be interested to see in this Zelda and then realized that practically all of it was stuff that Dragon’s Dogma did – which isn’t to say that Dragon’s Dogma was perfect, or that this Zelda will be rendered personally irrelevant, but. Yeah. I’m curious how this game will cultivate a sense of danger.

Because it’d be neat.


Link is basically a non-character player insert so it’s not unusual to expect it to be as progressive in choice as, say, Saints Row. Nintendo’s tacit message that Link can be any kind of person so long as [he]'s a boy is silly on its face. Let a girl inherit the tunic and awesome powers of lawn mowing.


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The difference is that Mario and Gordon Freeman have facial hair


Some people want to play as a woman. It’s an inclusionary gesture. Like letting male Sims wear heels. The classic Japanese corporate “It can’t be helped” answer is BS.


I want Link to be a woman because well, I think it’d be cool for young girls to see a Woman doing stuff and also because as I get more comfortable being Queer IRL I feel more comfortable not being a dude in videogame


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well because Metroid and Zelda offer fundamentally different experiences and id like Zelda to also represent maybe how I feel a lil I dunno


This guy probably doesn’t have one in him.


This is just my own opinion and not one I have given a ton of thought, but Link is one of few major male vg protagonists that is already lacking a lot of stereotypical signifiers of mainstream hetero masculinity, so maybe it just seems like a less uphill battle to make character even more inclusive. Also forthese reasons ppl who want such a thing might already identify more with Link than like Kratos or w/e