Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Yeah, that is both the reward and the exact reason why.

I personally forgot I had it most of the time after I got it so it wasn’t a big deal for me.


From now on I require Me/Wife/Son analysis of every game.





I beat this! I did in fact blow off the gerudo entirely. only had 24 defense, 13 hearts, and 2/5 of a new stamina bar when I finished it, but my weapons were basically as good as they were going to get. was a good time! may yet go after farther-flung shrines, idk. the northwesternmost map tile and all of the southern ones are still blank for me.


If you skip the divine beasts does that change anything if you try to do them after ganon? I assume the game continues on like all other sandboxy games


wind waker did this too and it was smarvy


my lynel strategy involves dodging all their attacks, going for headshots when possible (especially via fire updrafts), and then running in, attacking a few times and then mounting them right before they recover to get in a few more attacks

I haven’t actually tried to fight one without using cheesy strats like that but tbh even that approach is satisfyingly challenging and dynamic


If it looks really cool and feels good to fight 'em that way I would not consider it cheesing.

Now, if you were standing outside their “awareness zone” and spamming arrows or whatever. That’s pretty cheesy.


I felt kind of bad that during the final zelda of the colossus fight, Zelda had to be like no USE THE UPDRAFT you dingus after I failed to land the final hit a dozen times and even had to start that part over once


I’m also gonna assume that korok seeds are visible through some graphical effect that isn’t emulated properly because by the time I beat the game I had found a grand total of three

anyhow, while the narrative is honestly too damn bad for me to recommend this over something like witcher 3 – I can’t think of any other game I’ve enjoyed this much whose ending cutscenes I readily skipped – I really do think it’s like, hands down the best assassin’s creed, easily the best zelda (and the only absolutely worthwhile one) apart from link’s awakening which isn’t even a close comparison, the most inviting (i.e. non first-person-stealth-heavy) immersive sim of this quality and scope, and the best thing to come out of nintendo in a decade.


also, the wonderful overworld design and traversal and the extent to which the game is carried by that reminds me that still way too few of you have taken my just cause 3 recommendation


wow three korok seeds is the craziest thing i’ve ever heard


what would happen when you finished a random environment puzzle? There’s a musical sting and a quick cutscene; did it just pan over to nothing?


well, see, I only found two of these


the real korok seeds were the friendships we made along the way


it was at the point where I kept wondering what the little icon on the loading screen with the 2 (and, eventually, the 3) next to it was, like “it looks like one of the slime jellies, why would it be counting those?”


utter madness

do you strap on horse blinders before you play?

do you lack the urge to put things in their proper place
to pick toys up off the ground?

that Zelda and so many other games build puzzles out of cleaning your room is troubling but I still recognize the hooks

you have abandoned all compulsion, and must now be the ubermensch


the ubergamer


hi tim


i am also struggling to come to terms with the fact that you only found 3 of the puzzles

like, what about the oddly out of place flowers grouped in sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 that you have to touch in order?

or the big wooden buttons at the tops of mountains and hills?

the pinwheels? did you not touch those, or…??

you know, you can just pick up rocks and koroks appear sometimes.