Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I did find out that you can also mount the Lynels, which is pretty cool too


YOU CAN but unfortunately it’s only for a limited time. It’s a cool + awesome way to attack them though.

You can also ride a skeleton horse but only while it’s nightfall -_-

I have yet to learn how many other wild creatures you can ride, all my attempts to ride bulls and boars (sorry shrug) have failed. You can definitely ride deer and bears, though!

I don’t usually bother with mounts because the best way to travel is to climb a mountain and jump off of it.


was thinking “when was the last time nintendo were this impressive” and the answer is obviously 2006 when they released all those fantastic jp-only gba games (bit generations, rt, mother 3)

But in EAD’s case you have to go back to like 1997 with the exceptions of “they made some pretty good mario games recently for the first time in a while” which is nuts. 20 years!!


another thing they did well was balancing the stakes from and the scale of any given encounter that savescumming doesn’t feel like a design flaw at all


Remember Mario Galaxy & 3D Land are the Tokyo studio which started on Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat; their games definitely feel distinct from Kyoto, stuck doing New Super Mario Bros.


Jungle Beat definitely felt like an announcement of good things to come but I feel like they got stuck on themselves for quite a while


If you don’t like Mario Galaxy that makes sense. I’d say they’re decidedly non-excellent at movement and feel, preferring a stabler, more consistent base, and have a nostalgic bent, but they’re superb at visuals and the very Nintendo ‘delightful discovery’ aspect demanded in modern Mario.


why does there have to be a narrative


I purified an extremely fucked up dragon on top of an ice mountain that I had to hold my fire rod to keep warm on, it ruled

then I recalled a memory with horrendous VA


the va is fucking out of control, i do not understand how it happened


it’s possible that a company that is both notorious for their obsessive quality assurance and has had charles martinet on the payroll for 20 years has some blind spots


I don’t understand why it doesn’t just have like a made up ico language or charlie brown teacher noises


yeah, or their old solution of a vocal grunt, indicating the speaker’s voice and emotion for the line. I don’t like voice acting in games but that’s a good compromise to shade in characters.


I gotta stop trying to kill this lion guy

I can get him down to half health by abusing witch time then most of my 1h weapons are broken and it’s just not gonna happen but I want it so bad


This game does that all the time. Only a few Important Story cutscenes get the full shitty VA treatment.


I blame IGN for this


They def had different writers for the plot stuff than the NPC/sidequest stuff. There are some really funny bits and characters bursting with personality in the side content.

The best part of the memories is finding them. The actual reward (more bad plot) sucks. Zelda’s story is good on paper…


HOT TIP: Attacking when riding on them doesn’t deplete durability.
HOT TIP2: If you’re in a grassy field when fighting them make good use of the updrafts when they shoot fire around.
HOT TIP3: A perfect arrow shot at their tiny faces will sometimes stun good (I think it might only be when they’re in some sort of attacking animation?)


Aside from the bad VA, the memories make the past world feel ridiculously small. No sense of a bustling pre-apocalypse civilization, focused on just Link, Zelda and the Starfox crew – it’s difficult to distinguish from the present.


yeah this is exactly what i have written about

this is basically the best game, but i do wish it was a little better