Zelda: Breath of the Wild


nope, it was after landing from a nice long glide from the dueling peaks shrines to kakariko bridge


I finally got the Master Sword. I haven’t used it at all - I fell asleep and dropped the Wii U gamepad on my face right after I got it, so I turned it off.


Sounds like quite the climax


I see. Was asking since ragdolling Moblins have on rare occasions caused the Wii U version to completely freeze up for a second or two for me. There’s been some other framerate chugging areas here and there but none of them nowhere near where I’m worried the game might have actually crashed. Curious if something similar might happen on an emulator actually.

@VastleCania Make sure to try it out for a bit and see if you can figure out its hidden ability that my brother spent almost the entire game completely unaware of.


good lord even the towns feel relatively subtle and inspired

what have they done with my zelda

oh okay this narrative dump still sucks phew


The story is the worst part but the way it’s incorporated is neat. Be sure to do the quest Impa gives you (to go to the other town and meet the scientist lady) before fucking off to do cooler stuff. You get a sweet camera (that can even take selfies) and another main plot quest which is the cool incorporation of the plot i’m talking about.


that’s what I’m en route to right now!

btw if anyone else wants to try this and doesn’t feel like wading through emulator forums, what you need is:

Cemu 1.7.5: http://cemu.info/#download

“Cemuhook” (put this in the same folder as the cemu executable): https://sshnuke.net/cemuhook/

a graphic pack to render above 720p (put this in its own folder in Cemu > graphicPacks and adjust accordingly): https://www.dropbox.com/s/boioiplx85yu80j/rules.txt?dl=0

a shader cache (put in Cemu > shaderCache > transferable; you may need to rename the file if you have the EUR version of the game since this one is named for the USA version): https://dbr.ee/UfDN

and the game, obviously, which there are plenty of torrents of. then, from the default settings, all you have to do is set the buffer cache accuracy to “Low” and toggle your graphic pack on (both in the options menu), then load the game. the first time it runs it will have to compile the shader cache for your system, which will take 12GB+ of memory, so if you don’t have that much memory make sure you close everything else and have a reasonable pagefile.

after the game is loaded, toggle the GPU fence skip from the options menu (this is added by cemuhook and has to be toggled after you load the game every time, and prevents the game from trying to vsync more aggressively than the emulation can currently handle), and you are good to go.

you’ll get the same shader caching dialog every time you load the game thereafter but it shouldn’t take more than ~20 seconds or use nearly as much memory after the first time. should be playable (20-25 FPS) on any 4ghz-or-better quad core Intel CPU, especially if you happen to have GSync.


I met the sexy zora

the difficulty spikes are great

the main quest is … inoffensive, generally

I adore how all my gear keeps breaking

ice rod + slow twohanded sword is a mean combo tho

I also wish I were better at using my powers in combat other than “drop bomb and run away while being chased” but what can you do



Slow twohanded swords are so good I strongly preferred them to any other type by the end. Their hold attack scales super well with larger stamina wheels so they only get better over the course of the game.

I’ve noticed some players spam bombs as much as possible and others virtually never. I was in the spam bombs category. The bomb combat damage is very underwhelming until you upgrade it, true, but it’s so fun and safe particularly with how it knocks enemies around and stuns them.


Every female character in this game wants to bone Link tho


yeah that part has been weirdly endearing. like, for all of nintendo’s extremely weird and dismaying tonal choices, every single village shopkeeper acting immediately like they had no idea how much they needed the legendary D that was slumbering for 100 years is charming enough


what’d I tell you, the european version goes by celsius for the temperature. what the hell am I supposed to do with that. I’m sorry america did something right for once by establishing 0 is cold and 100 is hot. not this 10 degrees is chilly 25 is too hot for a jacket bullshit. nuances lost


this is by far my favourite political position of yours


Which one though


I keep ruining my best shields by surfing on them

traversal > turtling


kind of odd they didn’t think the cube bomb looks too much like a clipboard

two of the most significant factors in this game being so good, I think, are:

  • Nintendo being less insular than at any point since they ripped off Joust for Balloon Fight; they’ve proven that assassin’s creed is a fine game design in theory that’s always been implemented tediously, and they have made what is easily the best assassin’s creed game (while also making one of the better no man’s sky games, and so on) because they have the patience and the resources to do so at a low enough level

  • the combat consistenly feeling good and aggressively imposing variety on you with the absurdly low weapon durability while not being nearly as exhausting/intimidating as From or Platinum’s work (or as rote as rocksteady’s). fighting dudes is never as turnkey or nonthreatening as in past zeldas but it’s still consistently breezy.


What’s the best strats for dealing with all those one hit kill enemies like the guardians and lion centaur dudes?
I am assuming I will get stronger weapons eventually if I stop wandering aimlessly, but so far it seems like the only way to deal with them besides running away is just chug a bunch of elixirs and hoping they don’t hit you.

I liked when I cut a tree down with a flaming greatsword and it instantly turned it into a lit bonfire


(I seriously have not found a good way for dealing with either)

  • Elemental weapons/arrows are a game-changer in every encounter besides lynels and large guardians.

  • Good armor counts for a lot in this game and makes those tougher enemies more manageable.

  • Lynels are easy if you have remedial Dark Souls dodge/block skills. Just be patient, and use those health up/armor up foods/elixirs. They drop a full set of good equipment and are just plain fun to fight, so always fight them (especially if you don’t think you’re ready).

  • On that note, the dodge -> flurry attack mechanic is really OP and worth learning, as is the parry.

  • Ice-based enemies are instantly destroyed by fire weapons, and vice versa.

  • Guardians are weak to guardian weapons/arrows and the Master Sword.

I took down my first guardian yesterday and it was immensely satisfying. Running away is a good tactic for most of the game though, and is probably more fun than fighting them. That frantic piano theme that plays when one of them gets you in their sights is so good!