your favorite lowest-rated games on metacritic

so warcraft 3 reforged getting the worst userscore on metacritic made me think of a fun game:

find the lowest rated game on metacritic that:

  • you genuinely enjoy and would evangelize to others (no “you gotta play this it’s a trainwreck” games)
  • you have played a significant amount of

do this for both the userscore and the metascore, and share your results!

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baroque has a 50 for wii and a 60 for ps2, bullet witch has a 51, flower, sun and rain has a 54, kuon has a 57, king’s field 4 has a 60, armored core: for answer has a 62, drakengard 1 has a 63. all of those games are perfect works of art.


dog days, also perfect work of art, also 63


Shiren the Wanderer has a 69 and it’s one of my top 10 games of all time.


Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey not a trainwreck but is incredible and awful in the way the most interesting games always are and is sitting at 64

I can evangelize it in person but it’s perhaps best experienced looking over my shoulder and complaining


lost levels has a 6.5 on there



i played a bit of this with friends a few weeks ago, and we were honestly really into it after the first abortive attempt. aside from the racist music it’s kind of the ideal version of western rpg incomprehensible systems brain/french guy videogame hubris. kind of a bummer that it seems to shallow out after a few evolution cycles.


I’m not sure this is going to be beat in terms of score-to-actual-quality ratio. You can make a plausible argument that Shiren is the best roguelike ever made.


Umbrella Corps Resident Evil has a critic score of 36 and a user score of 2.1. I’m pretty sure it was my favorite game of 2016 and I enjoyed the heck out of it for the 3-4 weeks it had an active player base. I bought the deluxe edition on PC and then after it’s population died in one week I bought the deluxe edition on PS4 since it was alive a few weeks longer.


I always wanted to actually play it but solo is such a goddamn nightmare

I recall it being a time where many online-only MP games got lambasted for having no offline content and the Umbrella Corps single player always felt like a very rushed, tacked on mode just so they could say there was a single player mode of some sort.

It was only 3v3 so if we could fool four other people we could get a game going sometime. I don’t know if I still have my list of keys, because I bought like 15 copies off Humble Bundle to send to people whom I have no idea if they even redeemed the game. Umbrella Corps’ certainly got it’s problems (the worst of which was the low tick rate, resulting in a lot of cases of people killing each other instead of the first shooter winning an encounter) but it had a lot of interesting ideas and at the time it was a unique enough flavor of shooter that I got really into it despite not having played an MP shooters for a quite a while.


It really is like a mashup of EYE Divine Cybermancy and Assassin’s Creed, with all that that entails


romancing saga 2 has 62 and binary domain 68

more like metashitic!!!


One of my favorite PC shooters is XIII and I have long been under the assumption that it was a panned game, poor sales etc.
But apparently it got metacritic score of 72. Not bad but not trash.
Still no idea what the sales numbers actually were.
I guess that remake is still pending release…


umbrella corps might be the one. just a truly weird and experimental and fun game.

a lot of other stuff i love around the 50s


Nier 1 has 68
Rain world 66/59/71

Baroque at 50/60 really is the worst crime though


wtf, who are the people giving out these scores? pearls before swine


boiling point road to hell is at 61, dog days is at 63, divine cybermancy has a 61, pathologic 2 has a 69, this is all dramatically too low for the best games of all time

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Heaven’s Vault has a 76 critic score and a 5.3 userscore but its a great game

Rhem, one of the greatest myst-style adventure games ever made, got a 58

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Mind Jack has a 44 and I like it better than Binary Domain.

P.N. 03 has a 63 and it is definitely in my personal Top Ten, as is the aforementioned Armored Core for Answer with a 62.