Watch Thread Already


and other things I can’t afford even at their discounted pre-order price :sunglasses:


the rotor on my skx sounds loose and it’s v annoying


binary watches (?¿)


I really dig watches, don’t have a collection but one day I will.

Only nice watch I own. Behold my wrist which is silly skinny.


Motherfuckers, I need the time and date, not this Sunday Times puzzle page bullshit.



i guess i already posted this but im heavy lusting

how come the limited edition is so much better than the ‘modern reinterpretation’. i really dislike that date window, double logo and sans serif font for ‘automatic’


now this is some quality #content




what is this, a compass?

did the fucking faceplate fall off?

“what’s the time, my man” - - one second, m’dude, just have to work out what a second is

Looking at it, I guess each division of time is one its own circle, and they rotate themselves as opposed to having hands point stuff out.

I get it, but I don’t like it. No sir. :horse:



i did some research on these a while back and apparently they’re the center of a minor copyright controversy in china

Hello – The links do not seem related, but interesting none the less. What I am confused about, if Seagull is so bent out of shape over Time-in (that is where we get them), why do they continue to supply him with movements.

From what I understand he worked for Seagull, then left but has their approval to do what he does.

Nonetheless, even Seagull is making a replica or homage, as the watch hasn’t been made in 50 years.

Marc Frankel, Owner

third party / “fake”:

original manufacturer:



where’s the top one from i am a little into it


they are both VOID watches. not luxury stuff but not cheap either:

the “petite” version of it is v cute

thanks to this thread i’m now much more aware of watches than I used to be. i don’t know how i feel about that.


what the heck


who knows

not me



made from 100% real men!



i saw this one the other day. I like the amount of info on it and the lil stars