Watch Thread Already


that’s real nice, i like moonphases.

my parents are getting me a watch for a graduation gift :smiley: time to figure out what i want…


kappuru has that one. It’s gorgeous.


heist o’clock it is!


oh gosh… i really want one but it’s $1600

i’m trying to decide b/w a couple variants of these


this is too dope, check out that upright 4:30 date window (uncommon) and the stubby second hand on the subdial


And only $7,650!


to be fair a new modern navitimer is like (edit: 9???)k and this one is ultra rare with the king of jordan engraving

still, just get a sinn 903 imo, if i was ever an idle rich


[quote=“tiburon, post:188, topic:4043, full:true”]i’m trying to decide b/w a couple variants of these


need input! these are like the watch equivalent of small batch whiskey, literally made by one dude in seattle who uses watch sales to pay for his watchmaking school


1st one


i like the second one. the pattern is more unusual; it looks like an extension of the face of the watch instead of a frame. I’m sure it feels great to the touch too.


I like the 1st and 3rd.

The 2nd’s bezel makes my eyes hurt.


Shrug has weak eyes, pick 2nd


cuba you mistyped

“weak” is not a synonym for “tasteful” or “discerning”


wrist shots


All that pie crust just seems like a lot with such a minimal face to me.

The top’s bezel is a nice accent without going over the top.

What do I know I’m just a shrug,


top one looks generic and obviously flashy

second one looks like an ancient relic, a gear, a machine, shiny and dignified but rugged, a testament to time.

it’s not even a contest imho

but what do i know i’m just a tombo

fun facts: tombo means grave in esperanto, fall in portugese, and cop in american spanish. tom is my real name and bo means good in catalan. i wasn’t aware of any of these things when I chose the name but there you go.


Yes it is




what the hell