Watch Thread Already


I agree, that shirt is unforgivable





pop my watch senpai


“Clocking hours at the office”

Gotta be on that grind brah


it’s funny watching watch videos on youtube bc u can smell the rot of late capitalism wafting through the background

23-year-old asking which rolex he should buy for his third rolex and mentions it has to fit in at the office bc he works in finance


Watches are for Republicans.


this is funny and all but im a leftist and i like watches and republicans are literally today going to cut my health insurance. maybe don’t


“The rot of late capitalism” is the real thing, because it takes something that should be awesome and wonderful like nerds making tiny little beautiful mechanisms and by necessity converts it into a signifier of the disgusting rich



I’m glad Apple is making fetch happen because I love goofy square wrist computers.


i liked them better when they were goofy square wrist calculators

or goofy round wrist slide rules


hmm. this isn’t the watch i want right now but it’s v cool. sandwich dial, alien looking, flip-open caseback (check out 22:30)


Due to a cheap sale on Amazon, this giant chunk of delicious Casio plastic is on my wrist right now, haha.


Just sitting in natural light for a couple minutes gets the lume going


cool gif!! this is the balance spring


Well well what have we here…


This dial is so dang photogenic

Collection now


found this thread of “books and watches” pictures which makes for some interesting juxtapositions


holy fuk