Watch Thread Already


holy shit lol


struck gold today in the free bin at work


One of my favorite photographers has a thing for watches. Might interest some of you.



this rules!!!


Yeah it’s really pretty.

Not uh 10 paychecks pretty but still.


Some SB lady should buy this gorgeous watch for $140 in the next half hour.



I really like this watch model I will never be able to afford.


my life this post


i love that style of like, 1930s chronos


That top one is incredible.

I don’t like gold cases or gold jewelry or gold anything else but cover a black dial in tiny gold numerals and densities of gold radiuses and hash marks and I am there.



Would any of you folks ever consider spending $500+ on what essentially is a fake Rolex GMT Master II?


i wouldn’t


i personally wouldn’t but from what i hear steinhart makes solid stuff. i like to go more individualistic myself, not too into homages

opinions on homages vary but imo the coolest homages are ones that replicate otherwise obscenely expensive or prohibitively rare watches, e.g. the Ocean Vintage Military (homage of a rolex milsub) or ocean 1 vintage (homage of a rolex pan am)


I’m sure this vintage 1939 Omega in excellent condition sold for a v. affordable price at auction.


that terrible moment when you’re just fucking around and the customizer accepts a shrug emoji in the field for an engraving on the back and suddenly you’re thinking that


Thinking face emoji (:thinking:) imo


Take your time :thinking: