Watch Thread Already


pretttty nice for a mecaquartz



thank goodness for discount codes




i have vowed to get I PAID IN BITCOINS stamped into a rolex if i ever own one, even if it isn’t paid for with bitcoins


Been a while since I wore this one :sunglasses:


cool cheap casio!!

also dig that citizen


this guy’s timex star trek doppelganger


Ayye tiburon or anyone else what can you tell me about this watch i was given? I think it looks quite nice also idk anything about watches


Also, legend of the river king 2 for gbc


citizen is a nice japanese brand and that looks like a nice quartz watch. dunno what model or anything


at risk of looking like a complete idiot i’m somehow seriously considering buying this:

Is this trash? what else should be getting instead for not more than this amount of money?


couple things

  • 43mm is pretty big

  • doesn’t look like it uses normal spring bars, so you won’t get to do all the strap change stuff

  • miyota 2035 movement is a $5 movement like most quartz, but it seems fine

  • you’re paying for the other stuff - case, finishing, strap, etc. be very careful! read a lot of views and see if they’ve sanded stuff properly, the wood doesn’t chip, the leather is comfortable, etc. sometimes with these novelty watches they figure they can skimp on the stuff that actually makes it wear well. e.g.

tl;dr get it if it strikes your fancy, but it’s a wood fashion watch so dont expect it to last forever.

w/ $75 you have a fair number of options for quartz steel watches. alternatively, at $75 you’d be just breaking into entry-level mechanical movements; something like a seiko 5 or a swatch.


you get a bunch of these around $20 if you search “bobo bird” on ali express


At that price point, you can come join Team Unreliable Russian Watches and get on that Vostok Amphibia.


also a bunch of neat timex around that price


just saw this pic and my lust for the railmaster has come roaring back


this is restrained and beautiful and a rare case of gold on a watch hitting me just right and I will never in my life be able to afford it

what the heck


I bought this ten dollar watch the band is plastic and squeeks a lot




that is loud

really like the hands but the numbers are maybe a bit much