Watch Thread Already


if you’re not surfing aliexpress for watches you’re living life wrong



This was neither the first nor the last watch I saw with a built-in cigarette lighter for some reason

“Hey, got the time?” “Why yes, it’s FABULOUS O’CLOCK”


these are terrifying



when you just give up and admit that you’re not wearing a watch because you need to tell the time, in a day and age when, chances are, you can find out just as quickly (and more accurately) by pressing what is most likely LITERALLY THE ONLY BUTTON on your phone:



Does this count as color coordination


in which someone tries to track down the origins of a “free” watch


fascinating… not exactly the same, but this sort of thing is also why i hate daniel wellington-type quartz watches… it’s all marketing no actual quality in the product

oh i see they touch on that. yeah fuck that noise


i’ve watchlust


That is an awesome looking watch.

Speaking of Omega, I really like the Aqua Terra models too. They look so versatile, and I feel like I could have it as my only watch and be satisfied. Not that I’m going to be able to drop this kind of coin for a wristwatch anytime soon though.




Hummmm, that Grand Seiko,… In hindsight it was a good deal when i got that poor mans’ grand seiko SNKE01K1

for ~99 bucks during an Amazon fashion sale.
Still, its not the real deal, yeah…


oh hell yea this is a looker. seiko 5s rule


I want a cool digital casio watch with a moon phase tracker, any suggestions?


The moon phase thing is one hundred percent to keep doing my shin megami tensei thing and not because that has any relevance to my life.


I think moon phase displays are mostly found on G-Shocks and sports watches, along with a tide display, and it might be a stretch to call them cool?
Check out these for instance


might also be worth scouting ebay for some older models.


Damn these are almost so uncool theyre cool. Thanks!!!


really enjoyed this video


Resurrected the bargain bin leather nato strap and it’s looking class


Y’all talked me out of this but they just dropped the 39mm version and I’m having foolish thoughts again.


For an homage watch it’s solid quality and a lot of people like their Steinharts. I wouldn’t get one for me, but I’m particular - I like feeling like a microbrand offers something unique.
With every watch I try to do the ‘upgrade’ test - would I be tempted to upgrade at some point in the future. If the answer is no, then I can feel really comfortable with the purchase. (I’m not much for watch flipping)

I say if you watched a bunch of reviews, still want it and that desire has stuck around then go for it. Lord knows I would be morally tormented buying an actual Rolex even if I could.
But also, check out other GMT watches at that price point and see if you prefer something more unique.