Watch Thread Already


I just got a Casio F91W on Firday, so I think I am going for downgrade more than upgrade.


On another note I bought this polished center link bracelet ages ago, tried it on, it pulled my arm hair so I put it in the box where it’s been sitting for many months. Tried it on again and so far so good


it’s a good’un

the ‘casio royale’ (casio ae1200) is p good too


imo the best option is to buy a really obviously fake rolex instead


my leather watch strap i bought last week came in but im not gonna post a pic in case yall think im bourgeois



all of them actually seen to have gold minute hands which is a huge turn-off!!!


have u looked into a glycine airman 24h




I don’t know if I can cope with that bezel



I don’t normally like auto inspired stuff but the curved & textured dials on this are very cool


Lovely Rolex and Tudor GMTs from Baselworld


I lied this thing looks too dang good

The orangey strap with the blue reflecto off the crystal :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:


tudor gmt and rolex gmt on a jubilee is so weird to me

i like the font on the tudor bezel tho, vintage and a bit different from rolex


I don’t know how I got on this shitty mailing list but it sure has shown me some watches I’ll never be able to afford between all the other crap.


oo funky speedmaster



No wonder the bezel is stiff, this asshole’s broken

Mf brutalism :love_you_gesture:t5::love_you_gesture:t5:


hot!! new!! 2018!!





I mean as a goof, yeah