Watch Thread Already


ninja goof

soon becomes ninja life



What’s this? My first watch part? OwO

Some tinkering commences… Replacing the click spring, lubing the bezel o-ring with silicone grease, putting the whole contraption face down on a book and pressing, and shortly…

It turns! Job well done.


this Erika’s Original MN strap is just beautiful. $60 for a watch strap made out of 1970s Marine Nationale parachute webbing, woof






lack that magic bit that makes a watch evoke that wanna have feeling, i kinda feel meh about them…


yeah the sports chrono market is dime a dozen for stuff like that imo, granted it’s not my style to begin with, but i’d rather have something more along the lines of


Yeah, or why not go batshit insane and turn up with this GS:


(yeah, 4 hands. Took me a while to realize what was off, too)


It’s a GMT I assume? Plus chrono, small seconds, power reserve, date




it’s like the klok-01 but not ugly


yeah, and it’s an automatic, not a quartz

don’t like the “60” at the 00 mark tho


i quite like the 60 actually! it works w/ the font imo

not in love with the case finishing, altho that might just be the pic. also my bias against satinized finishing on non-tool watches, altho that’s not a hard and fast rule. a polished beveled edge would do a lot for it


knifemaking has biased me toward satin finishes only finishes :waynestare:


Yupp, exactly.
That’s what I call a watch face…


I saw this at the store and felt like a magnetic pull to it but its sixty dollars oh no


black LCD G-Shocks though


I had one in the past but the screen was hard to read without engaging the backlight. The gray LCD ones might be uglier, but they’re way more practical!